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YOUTH DAY (19-3-17)

As a part of Seva and to involve the Youth in to Organization, every 3rd Sunday is observed as YOUTH day.  Accordingly, the  Youth of the following units have undertaken youth activities in the District on 19-3-17. Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, BJ Puram has cleaned and removed the wastage from the drains. BC Colony Samithi visited old age homes and distributed fruits and biscuits.

Paradi Samithi rendered services to narayans by supplying food. Piridi Samithi visited DJP center, cleaned inside the home and also distributed Amrut Kalasams. Kothavalasa Samithi youth performed Bhajans and recited Veda. Sreeramnagar Samithi youth went to Gaddapuvalasa village to follow up the Medical camp recently held. The Mahila Sevadal cleaned the Mandir premises. Chipurupalle Samithi cleaned and decorated mandir. Duvvam Samithi youth distributed Amrut Kalasams and spiritual speech also delivered.


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