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As per the call given by the District Youth Coordinator Mr. Kalyan, 14 units in Vizianagaram District have observed 19th Feb 17 as YOUTH day. we observe the third sunday as youth day .  They are Om Mandir, BC Colony, Mentada and Pradeepnagar in Zone-1, Kothavalasa and Kovvadapeta in Zone-2, Sreeramnagar, Duvvam, Jarajapupeta and Nellimarla in Zone-3, Salur and Piridi in zone-4, BJ Puram and Ravivalasa in Zone-5. The service activities were like cleaning of temples, it's surroundings, distribution of food packets and Amrut Kalasams, conducting youth Bhajan and Narayana Seva etc. This was aimed to inculcate the youth to the service motto, thereby, the youth will play a vital role in the organization in future.

Reported by: Kalyan Viswanadha, District Youth Coordinator.PhotoGrid 1488196788117PhotoGrid 1488197027685PhotoGrid 1488196952037PhotoGrid 1488197441466PhotoGrid 1488197323371

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