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vidyajyothi activity by safilguda and malkajgiri samithi's submitted



Sub : --Report for the period May 2016 to January 2017 – reg:--


Brief description of the spade work carried out  before finalization of school :-


          The District Management of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Oganisation, Hyderabad gave a call for samithi’s under its jurisdiction to start preparations for school survey in the month of June 2016 during its first week monthly meet. Samithi’s tao take up the survey were identified and accordingly Safilguda amd Malkajgiri Samithi’s were asked to start the survey work and report back the details of their findings.  As sevadal and youth from both the samithi’s were busy with the ongoing water camp till middle of June, it was decided that the action shall be taken up after the camp was over. 

Accordingly survey was conducted on 15th and 16th June 2016 in Malkajgiri and Medchal mandal of Telangana by sevadal, both Convenors and youth from both the Samithi’s. In total 9 schools were surveyed and status of  the findings of the survey was reported back to the District Authorities by 24th June 2016 after taking the opinion of the entire team.

Taking note of the ground realities of the schools and also the limitations of samithi sevadal and youth potential, the team recommended the name of Pratap Memorial Upper Primary school located in Malkajgiri and the same was approved and informed by Sri P.Shyamsundar, Joint Service Co-ordinator, SSSSO, Hyderabad subsequently.

After getting the approval, Convenors of bothe samithi’s met the Mandal Educational Officer at Malkajgiri and appraised him of the activity and sought his support. He was overwhelmed with our approach and agreed to extend total support. Subsequently, both of them with the youth and balvikas guru’s met the Principal of the school and explained the details of the activity. He also expressed his willingness to co-operate and extend his support for success of the activity. Thus, activity to be initiated at Pratap Memorial Upper Primary School, Malkajgiri came into reality.

The following table gives the detail of the activities taken up without disturbing the school schedule and with the permission of the school management, under different heads for the information of the reader


Name of the School Adopted under Sri Sathya Sai Vidyajyothi Program :-- Pratap Memorial Upper Primary School, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad – 500 047, Telangana
Samithi’s involved  in this activity :-- Safilguda & Malkajgiri
Activity    Phase Date of initiation Beneficiaries   Sevadal involved
          Gents  Mahila’s Youth Bal vikas guru’s / Remarks
1) Child Centre activities                
a)  Initiation of the program Empower 04th August 2016 60   3 3 2 3
b) bal vikas classes started Empower 04th August 2016 330 for the entire period     6   12 for the entire period
c) distribution of Sai Protein food Empower 11th August 2016 200 for the entire period     6   During bal vikas classes
d) repairs of water filter Equip 10th to 24th September     2     Job completed satisfactorily
e) repairs of the two pedestal fans  Equip 10th to 24th September     2     Job completed satisfactorily
f) repairs of the ground portion in the kitchen and the school walls Equip 10th to 24th September     2     Job completed satisfactorily
g) whitewashing of the school premises Equip In the first week of October 2016   2     Job completed satisfactorily
h)  providing tube lights in the kitchen Equip 10th to 24th September     1     Job completed satisfactorily
i) conducting educational competitions as part of children’s day Empower 07th 10th Nov. 2016     2 2 2 3
j) Awarding of prizes for meritorious students Empower 15th November 2016 Around 30   3 3 2 5
k) installation of quotes in the school Equip 10th November 2016     1     Job completed satisfactorily
l) walk for values activity Empower 11th December 2016 Around 225 took part including  35 school and  120 balvikas children   15 10 6 12
m) general medical check up Empower 30th December 2016 65   2 3 2 3
n) follow up eye check up Empower 09th January 2017 9   2   2 Job completed satisfactorily
o) follow up of general cases Empower 11th January 2017 12   2   2 Job completed satisfactorily
p) conducting of indoor competitions Empower 24th January 2017 50     2 3 3
r) prize distribution to meritorious students Empower 26th Jan. 2017 Around 35   3 3 2 4
s) taking spoken English classes Empower From September to January twice a week  for higher classes Around 15 per month totaling to around 60 for the entire period         Job being taken up satisfactorily with service motto
t) taking maths classes Empower Thrice a week for the past one month About 35 students benefitted in total for higher classes         Job being taken up satisfactorily with service motto
u) health and hygene classes bnesides nuitrition awareness Empower During bal vikas classes About 30 children on an average totaling to around 300         2 guru’s per week totaling to around 8 to 10 per month and in total for 4 months about 35 to 40 periods
v) human value  based education for talent identification Empower During bal vikas classes        
w) distribution of note books and uniform Empower Completed in June 2016  itself Around 200 note books to 40 odd children and uniform to 15 children   5 3 3 5
x) rangoli competition by the school children Empower On 22nd Jan.  2017 About 25 children took part & exhibited their  acute talents
y) library and sports activity in the school Empower Due to shortage of space, both these items are being taken up as and when needed for the benefit of children
z)  playground facilities Empower Due to shortage of space, outdoor games are taken up in the open land near Municipal limits of the Malkajgiri mandal
2) Teacher Centre activities Empower Nothing special has been taken up for the teachers due to their meager strength but they are all Involved in welfare of children All the teachers involve with the children in all activities
3) Parent Centre activities Empower Unable to contact, to try again Shall try to meet in due course
4) School  Admn. & Management  Activities Empower Involved in all  the ongoing activities Quite supportive to all activities and encourage children
5) Village Centre Activities Empower In the city itself, hence this aspect does not apply Not applicable
6) SSSSO Centre Activities Empower Till now nothing special To approach later at times of need
7) Government Centre Activities Empower Till now no need has arisen Nothing till date

 In sai seva



Dated 30th January 2017

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