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Sri Sathya Sai Varalaxmi Vratham @ Sivam
An offering of Love and devotion to the Loka Mata

9th August, 9.30 am, The holy Sivam premises was bustling with fervour and devotion. With the Sravana Month ushering in, the MahilaVibhag of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisations, Hyderabad organised Maha Sri Sathya Sai Vara Laxmi Vratham at Sivam.More than 400 Mahila devotees of Hyderabad participated in this Samoohika Vratham, dressed in Blue silk sarees and lent brilliance to the holy premises of Sivam. A beautiful paper made Varalakshmi Mata in front of Garbha Griha of Sivam, hand made by a young lad, Venu Mandala stole the show. It appeared as if the Jaganmatha was sitting right in front of the devotees blessing them with Her divine love and Grace.Two vedic pandits performed the pooja and their chants reverberated, filling the surroundings with divine vibrations. All the devotees performed the pooja as per the directions of the pandits with utmost devotion. At sharp 11.15 pm, the entire group started chanting LalithaSahasraNamam in unison. At 12 noon, the speaker of the day, Smt Ananth Laxmigaru spoke to the assembled audience about the importance of Mata Varalaxmi and the need for vratham more so in the present day world. She advised that everyone should have positive attitude in life. She also advised the ladies present that taking care with Love and affection of one's own in-laws is very important and the seva done to them is Sri Rama Raksha. At 12 30 pm, the programme concluded with bhajans and Harathi to the Divine Mother. All the devotees had darshan of the Divine Mother and partook Prasadam which was prepared by the MahilaVibhag. Overall, it was a feast to watch the proceedings In Sivam this day. Thank You Swami for letting this happen ...

Jai Sai Ram.

Report by Mahila Vibhag

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