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1) Samithi Level Induction Training

(సమితి స్థాయి ప్రాథమిక శిక్షణ)

Sairam! Every Samithi must conduct at least two Induction Training camps every year before 20th Oct. 1) Cover Sheet పుస్తక కవర్ See in PDF   2) Program Sheet కార్యక్రమ పత్రం See in PDF 3) ఉపోద్గాతం See in PDF4) సత్యసాయి అవతారం యొక్క విశిష్టత  See in PDF 5) ఆదర్శ మైన సమాజ నిర్మాణములో సత్య సాయి సేవా సంస్థ యొక్క పాత్ర See in PDF 6) సంస్థ భావి నాయకులు -బాల వికాస్ See in PDF  7) భక్తులు మరియు కార్యకర్తలు See in PDF 8) సత్య సాయి సంస్థ లో కన్వీనర్ పాత్ర See in PDF 9) సత్య సాయి సంస్థ లో స్త్రీల పాత్ర See in PDF 10) Pledge -ప్రతిజ్ఞ See in PDF  11) చివరి కవర్ పేజీలు See in PDF


2) Sevadal-cum-ASM Training 

Important: District President, District Sevadal Coordinator & Trained Persons (TTT) must comply with the following topics and time schedule. No deviation is allowed

ASM qualification: any member who fulfills the following two criteria is eligible for ASM

a) He / She should be an active and lead member of any Samithi in the district-District President should certify.

b) He / She should have attended at least one time PN service.

1) Sevadal Registration Form PDF 2): ASM Registration Form PDF

తెలుగులో నోట్స్

a) ముందు కవర్ పేజీలు See in PDF కార్యక్రమ పత్రం See in PDF

1) ఉపోద్గాతం See in PDF 2) క్రియాశీలక సభ్యులకు భగవానుని ఆదేశాలు See in PDF  ఆధ్యాత్మికం - సాధన See in PDF 3) సత్య సాయి సేవా  సంస్ధలో స్త్రీల పాత్ర See in PDF 3A) సంస్ధ భావి నాయకులు - బాల వికాస్ See in PDF 4) ASM అవగాహన See in PDF   4A) క్రియ శీలక సభ్యులకు సూచనలు See in PDF 5) ప్రశాంతి నిలయ సేవలు See in PDF 6)  ప్రతిజ్ఞ See in PDF   b) చివరి కవర్ పేజీలు See in PDF



Notes in English

a) Program Sheet See in PDF b) Introduction See in PDF c) Divine Directions to Active Workers See in PDF d) Quality of Active Workers See in PDF e) Sadhana-A way of Life See in PDF f) Role of Women in Sathya Sai Seva Organisation See in PDF g) Importance of Bal Vikas See in PDF h) ASM Concept See in PDF i) PN Services & various wings of the Organisation See in PDF  j) Oath-See in PDF

If required for any clarifications or doubts arise, Please contact Sri D Vishnu Vardhan Rao, State Coordintor (Training Division), Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-AP & TS at 9440896720 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ASM Applications:

ASM applications having photos must be sent to the below address to get ID cards. 

Sri D Vishnu Vardhan Rao

Sri Sathya Sai Nilayam, Plot No 196, Road No 13,

Brindavan Coolony, Saroornagar



An innovative concept of Train The Trainer was introduced in aiming to achieve uniform sevadal volunteers and strnegthen Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation with complete discipline and dedication. Two camps were held, one on 10th April in Visakhapatnam and second one in Hyderabad on 01st May 2016. There was very good response from the districts. Sri Kota Siva Kumar, SSU Alumni and Sri Prashanth from HR Consultancy firm have given the training to the participants. Sri MLN Swamy, SSU alumni has coordinated for conducting the camps. It was explained in the camps the various techniques of Publc / Organisation speaking,

1) Preparation of content

2) Presentation skills, tell3  method (tell what you will tell (key points), Tell what you have to tell (main content), Tell what you have told (concluding).

3) Sticking to the Time duration was strictly emphaised and also not deviating from the main topic.

4) Body language -moving to the audiance and observing them with clear view. 

5) It was explained to have 'Interactive Sessions' involving the participants very actively

6) Afternoon sessions should be 'Game / Play / audiance talks' and can be innovative. 

Responsibilities of the Train The Trainer Participants are mainly two fold,

A) Conducting all the Training Camps in the District as per the guide lines and Training Module

B) Looking for New Areas / Towns / Colonies etc to establish Sathya Sai Units / Bhajan Centers

Tasks before us

1) Spotting mandals / areas in the District Map where SSSSO is not present and list out by end of May 2016.

2) Conducting Samithi level Training camp in all the Samithis in June 2016 

Files for download

1) TTT Responsibility Sheet (English & Telugu): See file in PDF

2) AP & TS States' Training Module (English & Telugu): See file in PDF

3) Training Module in Telugu See file in PDF

4) Training Module in Engish See file in PDF

5) Participants' List in Vizag-10th April 2016 See PDF 

6) Participants' List in Hyderabad-01st May 2016 See PDF

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