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Teacher's orientation programme at Penukonda

Orientation program on human values and balvikas for teachers at Penukonda.

With the Divine Blessings of Bhagawan Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, Ananthapuramu and Sri Sathya Sai Bhajana mandali, Penukonda conducted a one day orientation program on human values and Balvikas for teachers at Penukonda on 22 - 6 -2014.

This orientation programme was conducted as a public awareness activity as part of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s 90th birthday and SSSS Orgaisation’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

The programme started with lighting of the lamp at 10.45 AM, followed by prayer. The first talk was by Sri M. Vidya Sekhar and he spoke on the teachers role in infusing human values in children through Balvikas programme. He said TV and videos are a big hindrance to children’s progress and that the parents need to control their children in this aspect. He said Balvikas program is implemented in several countries.

The second speaker was Dr. N. Anjanaiah, national spiritual coordinator. He dealt with values associated with education relating body energies, educational aims and the human values. He said all the Avathars showed how humanity should ascend to divinity.

The third speaker was Sri. Rommel. He gave practical tips to teachers to succeed in their profession.

Later Sri T.Madhusudhana Rao, state joint coordinator, Balvikas traced the history of Balvikas and its latest status. He emphasized the urgent need of encouraging Balvikas programme. He said Balvikas makes known the innate strength that we have.

Smt Adilakshmi, Dist. Joint Coordinator Balvikas and other Balvikas gurus explained with examples and small stories how we can infuse noble values in the minds of young students. The spiritual games were demonstrated on teach human values. Sixty two teachers participated in this programme.

The orientation program was organised under the supervision of Dr. T.Ramanjappa, Dist. President of SSSSO, Anantapur.

District office bearers, various subcommittee coordinators, Dr. R. Ramachandra Murthy,Sri B.Ramakrishna, Dr. R Venugopal Setty, Sri O.Krishna Murthy, Sri. N. Nagabhushanam, Sri C.R.Rao, and others participated. The programme ended with harathi to Swamy. Ten sevadal volunteers looked after the arrangements.

Report: G Dhanunjaya. Coordinator - Archives, Ananthapur dist. Mobile no: 94403 84107.


Dr. T. Ramanjappa, Dist President's opening remarks

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