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Swami's 92nd Birthday Celebrations_Saroornagar Samithi

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Sudha,Saroornagar had week long celebrations of Bhagawan's Birthday,the Parabramhotsavalu from 19/11/2017 to 23/11/2017. Swami granted a glorious opportunity to the devotees where Service and Namasmarana went hand in hand.The celebrations kicked off with the hoisting of the Sarva Dharma Flag.


19/11/2017-International Ladies' Day :  The celebrations began on 19th Nov which is an International Ladies' Day. The day started with Omkaram, Suprabhatam and Nagarsankeertan. At 10:00 A.M., The Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam began, putting a wonderous dawning to the occasion. After that, there was a Narayana Seva at Leprosy Colony, Hayathnagar. In the evening we saw Swami with the brilliance of a Billion Suns as he rode upon the Surya Prabha Vehicle in a procession.Then the Youth Girls rendered soulful songs as a compilation called 'Sri Sathya Sai Gnanananda Lahari' to our Dearest Sai Maa.with the Mangala Aarthi the first day of these celebrations concluded.



20/11/2017-Seva Day :                                                                                                                                                                                   

In the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Seva is given its own prominence as seen in the appellation itself. This is because of the continuous rememberance that Bhagawan has given us regarding Seva and its importance in this Yuga of ours. Swami says 'Maanava Seva is Madhava Seva '. Keeping this liberation granting mantra in thought, word and deed, the 2nd day was celebrated as a day devoted to Seva.Commencing as usual with the Omkaram, Suprabhatam and Nagarsankeertan, the day was headed towards divinty Sacred offerings were made to Lord Rudra by chanting of Namakam and Chamakam of Sri rudram ,and Mantra Pushpam in accordance with the International Veda Conference. This was followed by the Rudra Homam . As a part of the Seva activity that day, Narayana Seva was undertaken at the Deaf and Dumb Students Home, Hayathnagar.

Gomatha decided to visit the Mandir in the evening. As seen in the Hindu culture, the cow is given a lot of respect. As a mark of respect to the same Gomatha, Nandi Vahana Ooregimpu (a Procession with the cow as the Lord's vehicle ) and a Gomatha Shobhayathra was conducted. Nearly 50 cows were brought to lead this procession. Last but not least, Srimathi "Padma Kokila" Padma Sri Tyagaraja group gave a beautiful portrayal of devotional songs.


21/11/2017-Youth Day:  Swami has always stressed on the importance of youth and how if rightly moulded will serve the nation well and attain respectable positions. He has always emphasized on the uplifting of the human values and good in them. All in all, the 3rd day was celebrated as Youth Day. After the daily morning routine, the Sudarsana Homam was performed in the mandir premises bringing a grandeur to the vicinity. As is the yearly tradition, the Sita Ramula Kalyanam took place right after the Homam. It was a magnificent sight and one which was the very epitome of beauty. Added to the Seva list was Narayana Seva to the students at the Sadhana Institute of Mentally Handicapped, Hayathnagar.

We all know how Aadishesha is always with Lord Vishnu over him and in resemblance under Swami's very bed some time after he was born. That day Swami was paraded with the Sesha (snake) Vahana. A speech by Sri Vijay Sai garu concluded the 3rd day's festivities.

22/11/2017-Balvikas Day: To enlighten little lives with the human values at young age and to enshrine in their little hearts the name and form of the Lord so divine, Swami started Balvikas which means the Blossoming of Children into fragrant and unique flowers in their years to come. They say ' Be a Star in God's Heaven and Be a Flower in God's Garden '. Well thousands of little flowers were gardened with care by Lord Sai himself through Balvikas. As the prominence of this wing of the organisation is by name declared,a day is celebrated to honour it. Mother Mahlakshmi was welcomed in to the sanctum by the Sri Mahlakshmi Homam. Narayana Seva was performed at the Orphan Girls Home (Blind Hostel) as the seva program of the day. As nightfall came, everyone awaited the Gaja Vahana Seva which took place in its mighty Splendour. On their day, the Balvikas kids took to the stage and put before Swami their innocent performances. They presented classical dances, classical songs and even a monologue. The 4th day ended with Aarthi to Bhagawan.


23/11/2017-Swami's 92nd Birthday:  After all the prolonged waiting for an year the D-day i.e., the B-day of our Beloved Swami had finally arrived. Everyone gathered to celebrate that wonderful time of the year. Swami tells us that our day of realisation is his true Birthday and for the realisation of the supreme we must do our best. So the day commenced with the Omkaram, Suprabhatam and Veda Parayana. After this, Swami was taken around in a Palanquin of pearls (Muthyala Pallaki Seva). Without further ado, the Laksha Pushparchana began paving a way for surrenderance of the bad in us in the form of the flower.The Sri Sai Gaythri Homam followed by the Maha Poornahuthi were performed marking the ending of the series of marvellous rituals that took place those 5 days. 92 Neivedyam(sacred offerings) were made signifying the 92 years of the pure love era of Swami. This was suceeded by the distribution of the Mahaprasadam and Narayana Seva. The final started off with Vedam and Bhajan by youth members at 6:00P.M. Swami's cake cutting and Fireworks filled the scene with a fantastic feeling. Then it was time for the Jhoola Utsav where melifluous songs were rendered to the Beloved Swami who lay upon a jhoola decorated with flowers. The Aarthi of the night was given, followed by the distribution of Mahaprasadam. Thereby bringing an end to the Extravagant Parabramhotsavalu of the 92nd Birthday of our Loving Sai Maa.

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