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Swachhatha se Divyatha thak-Rajanna Siricilla (02/10/2017)

With the devine blessings of bhagawan baba, Rajanna Sircilla district has taken part in Swachhatha se Divyatha thak programme. preliminariliy  they opted Sri Vishwanadha Swamy temple and its premises filled with dust, unwanted grass. About 60 members of sevadal under the supervision of District President Sri.Ravindher and Sircilla samithi convenor Sri.Ramu, cleaned all the dust and grass. Now the temple and its premises is looking good  and clean. In this programme  Youth incharge Sri.Sairam, Sevadal incharge Sri.Rajesham, Thangallapally Convenor Sri.Venu and Boppapur Convenor Sri.Sathish were attended and made it successful. VIP guest local counsellor Sri.Poornachandar and Smt.Vanitha attended and inspired by Organisation services.

Reported by Bandi Anil, Mobile :9533386667

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