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Swachata se Divyata tak_Thangallapally_08/10/2017

Sairam, With the divine blessings from Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba varu, Thangallapally Bhajana Mandali of Sircilla District has cleaned the Shivalayam temple as part of Swachata se Divyata tak Program. 30 Sevadals and Devotees from Sircilla, Boppapur and Thangallapally have participated under the supervision of District President Sri. Ravi, Thangallapally Convenor Sri.Venu, Sircilla convenor Sri. Ramu, District Youth Coordinator Sri. Sairam and District Service Incharge Sri. Umashankar. State Youth co-ordinator Sri. Mahesh garu participated and given speech about service. Initially they cleaned and removed grass in temple premises and Built small step in front of temple to restrict the rain water not to flow inside the temple and felled unnecessary Branches of trees. Now the temple looks good and clean.


Reporting by: Bandi Anil, Kodam Sagar 
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Rajanna Sircilla

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