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Stress Management Camp for 10th class students of Chanakya Public School, VUDA Colony (16-03-16)

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Vizianagaram District has been continuously putting efforts to conduct STRESS MANAGEMENT CLASSES for the 10th class students in different schools from 23rd Nov. 2015 onwards and so far, the Dist. Organization has conducted 16 MOTIVATION AND STRESS MANAGEMENT CAMPS and now the 17th Camp was organized at CHANAKYA PUBLIC SCHOOL, Salipeta/VUDA Colony, Vizianagaram on 16th March, 2016 from 4 pm to 6 pm for 10th class students.  A request was made by the Vice-Principal of Chanakya School to the Dist. Organization for conducting such classes to benefit the students.  The students are subjected to mental tension during the exams.  They are fearing whether they get the expected marks/grade or not? Self-confidence is lacking among the students.  At this juncture, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Vizianagaram District go to the schools to bring awareness among the 10th class students regarding positive attitude, developing self-confidence, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises etc.

To start with, the Vice-Principal Smt. Rajani has explained the students about the importance of the Stress Management.  Sri S Papinaidu, Dist. Education Coordinator while giving introductory speech, said that there are 2 kinds of Stress – Physical and Psychological.  The Accidents, Burns, Major surgeries and major infections come under Physical Stress.  Fear, Anger, Anxiety, worry, jealousy, hatredness and excitement come under Psychological stress.

Dr. R Kartik, a faculty addressed the students and explained point-wise through Power Point with regard to the topics like (a) how can one manage his stress, (b) what is stress (it is a part of everyday living) (c) Symptoms like mental, social, physical and changes in sleeping pattern (d) Stress can be positive or negative (e) Factors that affect stress,  (f) things that build stress (g) common symptoms of stress and (h) feelings and thoughts behaviors.  He also vividly explained the students regarding stress management, the features that can increase the stress, how things can help to deal with stress, more stress relievers like deep breathing, visualization, muscle tense and release exercise, do something creative and finally gave 5 tips to get through overwhelming stress.

Another Speaker Mr. M Kumar, a C.A candidate, youth from Gangubudi Seva Samithi has also explained the students by making a slogan with STOP STRESSING – START LIVING.  He gave 10 tips to the students to avoid stress. Starting from 0 to basic, not to lose confidence, take rest properly and sleep well in exam time, avoid stress, do some meditation, avoid last minute preparation in last minute of the exam, study using the diagrams and pie charts, drawing and writing, Yoga, listening to music, sensory forms, deep breathing and centering.

Sri A Shivaji Rao, Zonal Convener for Bala Vikas has also addressed the students.  He stressed the need of hour is to release of stress.  He quoted some extracts taken from the life history of Swamy Vivekananda and he advised the students to be disciplined and devoted towards their studies.  He lastly said that every student must try and do prayer for their success. 

Lastly, Dr. Kartik has administered practically the classes of Yoga and deep breathing exercises to the students.  Before concluding the camp, 2 students have expressed their happiness and they learnt very important things for their success.  Madam Vice Principal of the school thanked the SAI organization for having conducted such STRESS MANAGEMENT camp for their 10th class students and she requested the organizers to conduct such classes for their 8th and 9th class students also in future.

Reported by:- CH SURYA RAO, DIST ARCHIVES I/C. M-9490885577. 


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