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State Review Meeting - 10.09.2017 - Vizianagaram

With Divine blessings and love of Bhagawan Baba, a Review Meeting with State Coordinators, Dist. Coordinators, Samithi Conveners, Bhajan Mandali Conveners and Zonal conveners was held at OM Mandir on 10-9-17 to review the progress and Seva programs of the Vizianagaram District from 9am to 4pm. The program started at 9am with Veda reciting and Nama Sankeertan. The District Education Coordinator Sri S Papinaidu gave inaugural speech and explained about the aim of the meeting.  He invited Sri R Laxmana Rao, Vice President of the State organization, Mr. Subbarao, State Sevadal Coordinator for Prashanti services, DT President and others to the Dias. Jyoti prajwalana prajwalana was done by the District President along with Mr. Subbarao, Satyanarayana and Sunil. Swamy portrait was garlanded by Mr. Subbarao. The District President was requested to address the gathering. While inviting all office bearers and devotees, he expressed his happiness for being  conducted all Seva programs with much discipline for which he congratulated them. He emphasised the need to unite and devote full time for serving the organization. He further said that as fare as our District is concerned, we are doing our duties with Divine blessings and they are reviewed by the State Coordinators. They advice us to undertake any new services from time to time which are followed strictly by us. He opined that the State Coordinators must also be in touch with our District Coordinators and Samithi Conveners as the coordination is most important. He requested all the Samithi Conveners to be in touch with all the District Coordinators for smooth accomplishment of the programs. As is known to you all, the District Review Meeting is conducted once in 3 months with District Office bearers only. There is some lacuna in reaching the decisions and proposals of Seva and spiritual programs to the concerned Samithis and Bhajans Mandalis. Afterwards, the Samithi Conveners were involved and invited to such quarterly meetings. This is a God's organization. We are appointed by Bhagawan. What we are doing? How much time we are devoting? Why we are not giving upto the Bhagawan's wish? Are we using this opportunity? We should not think that the program can not be done without me. There are 47 District Office bearers out of which five are working. He observed. He stressed upon them to work hard and take the organization ahead. We have climbed only 1 step but we must climb 2nd step also. 

Mr. J Mohan Rao, Dist. Sevadal Coordinator administered a oath by the participants for serving the organization with selfless service, love and unity. Please bless us to forward and participate in the service as the entire universe is devoted in to your Services. He further requested all the office bearers and Conveners to stop show business and avoid to be present in sight of Bhagawan. Do for Swamy. An audio regarding Swamy seva was made listen to the participants.

Mr. Satyarao, District Spiritual Coordinator submitted his report of activities. He vividly explained about the programs conducted in the District such as 92 days bhajan, 92 days Nagar Sankeertan, 92 days DEEKSHALU, Pallaki Utsavams, Samoohika Vratalu, Narayana Seva, Kumkum puja, felicitations to old aged people, Seemantham to pregnant women, 21 days Akhanda nama Sankeertan, public Bhajans and Bhajans in slum areas before undertaking PARTI YATRA in July. He said that the attendance in study circles are not being encouraged and we have to grow spiritually.

District. Sevadal Coordinator explained about Parti services and target of Sevadal. The Sevadal training camps will be organized. All Zonal Conveners, youth and Samithi Conveners come prepared and take training. He quoted some examples and advised all Sevadal to be in Swamy's machine.

The District Education Coordinator Sri Papinaidu submitted his report of educational activities. He said, the Balvikas programs are going nicely in all zones. The annual program in respect of Balvikas wing has been prepared with State Programs. He further told that the programs like Balvikas avirbhav day, Tandularchana, parenting motivating Camps, 8 Gurus training camps and awareness Programs. He explained that 641 GRP-1 certificates issued, 72 project works submitted by GRP-III students, 750 Balvikas students were medically examined, 224 Balvikas Gurus were registered in Sai one app, 832 students were supplied with Sai protein powder packets. He emphasised the need to conduct door to door campaign for achievements good results.

The State Jt. Education coordinator SAI Aruna spoken on the occasion. She wanted all the Mahila Coordinators to submit their reports in every meeting. They must be encouraged to explain their activities as the Vizianagaram District is shining with youth. All Gramaseva programs, PN services and all programs are conducted nicely in the District. Ladies wing is most important for Spiritual journey. After completing 9 years of Balvikas, make them pre Sevadal and handover to youth wing. She felt happy about the youth potentiality for services in the Vizianagaram District.  She requested each one to bring one to Samithi and spend 2 hours in a week in the village. She advised to contact State Coordinator for career counselling and blood donation Camps. She explained about services in Prashanti Nilayam through power point presentation.

Sri R Laxmana Rao, State Vice-President addressed the gathering. To start with, he said, Divine energy is charged when we go to Prasanthi Nilayam. This meeting is blessed with 500 devotees. Swamy comes to such meetings. This is true. In future, you must conduct such Review Meetings with 1000 participants. He said that all human beings should form, meet together,  do Sadhana and develop spiritual feelings to get transformed individually. He enlightened about the qualities of a devotee. He preached that 'love all and do Sadhana to get love. The organization is established by Divine commands. What is Sadhana?  Stick into the heart the 9 point code of conduct and not on walls. By doing 21 times Omkaram peace of mind comes, students/youth get selected in competitive exams

He suggested to read Suprabhatam daily, do meditation, read regularly Sai literature and listen to Radio SAI programs for Swamy Vari speeches.  He requested the Conveners and office bearers to study and make infra structure for conducting Narayana Seva in the hospitals. It would be a gigantic and self sustained project with zero budget. 13 Districts are doing ANNADANAM in the hospitals in AP and Telengana. There are some banks which are funding for such Seva programs. Please contact Sai Prasad for details.The State Spiritual Joint Coordinator Sri Padala Prasad Rao also addressed the gathering. He said that spiritual basement is required for orientation programmes. He requested all to conduct Bhajans which costs nothing. One inspirational video was shown to the participants about unity. 

Mr. M Satyanarayana, State Jt. Sevadal Coordinator spoken about the organization and the contemporary walking with Swamy. We are proud to say that we are doing Seva programs but felt unhappy about less purity in Seva. We have to find out the errors.

Mr. Subbarao, State Sevadal Coordinator for Prashanti services addressed the participants. He spoke about services and why? He expressed his happiness that the Vizianagaram District stood first in the state in Sai activities. He said, discipline is some what reduced. We have to go for self transformation. We reach purity when we do Seva. New Sevadal are to come and coming, but they do not know why they are coming. The concept of Seva is to be explained while coming to Seva. Sevadal should not smoke with scarf and  badge. They must be educated. DOs and Don't s are to be explained. Sevadal are wearing jeans. 175 countries are watching our programs. We must utilize this golden opportunity. He explained about the practical problems faced during Prashanti services. The physically handicapped persons should not be deployed for Prashanti services. Every DT. Office bearers must attend Prashanti service once in a year. White dress must be required to wear while in service.

The State Coordinators were felicitated with Swamy's mementos as a token of our love and affection. 

Vote of thanks expressed by the Convener of Om Mandir Mr. Sanyasinaidu. The program concluded with offering divya mangala Harathi to Swamy by Mr. NV Ramana, DT. Jt. Sevadal Coordinator. 400 gents and 100 mahilas attended the program.

Reported by: CH.Suryarao, District Archives Coordinator. Mobile No.9490885577

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