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Services Analysis and performance statistics

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Sairam to all,

With respect to Prashnathi Nilayam Services which we have done in April 2012 I would like to share few points with District Presidents and District Sevadal Coordinators and also suggestions to improve the low performance by some districts. As you are all aware that Prashnathi Nilayam is our Mother’s place and we have all closely been associated with this Divine Abode and over a period we developed a strong attachment and Prashnathi Nilayam and our beloved Mother Sai have been part of our daily life. I am sure no sevadal/active worker/devotee does not pass a day without remembering Swami and Divyya Sannidhi and that is the “Pure and Divine Love” we have towards Swami.

Today entire World is looking towards Swami’ teachings and eagerly finding solutions to every problem and Swami in HIS discourses has given solutions to every human, climate and other World issues. You know well that our beloved Swami has chosen “PRASHANTHI NILAYAM” as the seat for HIS Mission and inspired millions from the Sai Kulwant hall and today Sathya Sai Super Hospital is standing tall to witness as “Swami’s Pure Love” towards the humanity.

Needless to say, it is our prime duty and spiritual obligation to serve the Divine Abode of Prashanthi Nilayam and serve the visiting devotees as part of our Sadhana and we in fact get charged and motivated by engaging ourselves in Prashnathi Nilayam services. I would like to remind you that Organisation primary task is to take Prasanthinilayam Services as its first and foremost work and further I am pained to say that “Any District falling short of their allotted number” is viewed as “Poor Performance” by District President and Dist Sevadal coordinator. It is neither a discouragement nor making any comments on your overall performance and DP and DS s are doing excellent job in other wings and proving themselves very dynamic but when it come to PN services the attendance is falling and we are unable to fulfill the Ashram requirement and there by AP Organisation as a whole is getting a remark and please this “remark’ is from Swami Himself.

I request DP, DSC s of the districts who are unable to meet the PN requirement to interact personally with sevadal and also encourage new people to join Organisation and get prepared to PN Services. Please have a look at following graphs of districts’ performance.

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I request once again to all DP s and DSC s to take PN services very seriously and fulfill the obligations and I appreciate the DP s and DSC s who have put all efforts to send sevadals as per the requirement and let us pray our beloved Swami to shower HIS blessings and grace on all of us. We offer our most humble Pranams at the sacred Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Baba. May his grace shine forth on us so that we work with more vitality to make our lives better. Let Sai within guide us to take appropriate steps to weed out the flaws and shortcomings within the individuals. A Good leadership keeps all the activities of different wings of the Sai Organization on a Superlative level.

I have following suggestions to make in respect of Sevadals (Gents).

1. All the District Presidents should have complete idea of Sevadal Activity in Prashanthinilayam.
2. A small group of 45 ASMs (Active Sevadal members) is to be identified and formed by the DP and DSC and keep constant touch with the ASMs.
3. ASM may be a Sevadal/BV guru/Convener/or any other office bearer.
4. The DSC has to be organizing the training programs of Sevadal occasionally to give impetus the ASMs and the ASMs too could share their respective experiences at such meetings.
5. The difficulties of the Sevadal should be properly looked after and never be taken casually.
6. A small speck of fire can become a big conflagration. Therefore solve the difficulty at the very beginning. Every Devotee is working for the Love of Sai.
7. Provide Bhagawan’s literature to the ASMs for proper development and growth of intellect and intuition.
8. The follow up program of the Sevadal movement (ASM) has to be given due importance so as to rate up our functioning within the district.
9. Therefore the constitution of the ASM group of minimum 45 in each district is a must.
10. The DP should ever be ready to attend the meeting and cooperate with the ASM group constituted by him.
11. Let every devotee understand the significance of Sevadal through some very brief talks; after the Bhajan session and inspire everyone to involve in ASM movement.
12. The DPs should also seek guidance and assistance from the State coordinators.
With these words I pray to end with the full hope of Strengthen Sri Satya Sai Sevadal with full enthusiasm. I beg pardon for such a long letter. But I pray to read it in serenity and silence to plan for appropriate action. Live and work together with love and understanding. May Bhagawan Baba always guide us, guard us and bestow upon us all the special grace.