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Pure Drinking Water Plants

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Andhra Pradesh Water purification plants’ installations

With the divine blessings of beloved Bhagawan, Sri Sathya Sai Manchineeti Mandiram (Mineral Water Plant) was inaugurated on 30th Sep 2012 at Chavatapalem Village in N.G.Padu Mandal, Prakasam Dt. by All India Techno group coordinator of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Sri H.Srinivasulu. Jyothi prajwalana was done by our National Sevadal active coordinator Sri T. Gopi Krishna. Plant was switched on by our State Youth Coordinator Sri Ramana Reddy. Sri Chenna Reddy Chandrasekhar (Native of Chavatapalem) gave full co-operation for establishment of the plant. About 100 villagers and 50 members from Ongole Seva Samithi have participated in this function.
–Report by Sri MVRK Prasad, District Archives Incharge

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Water purification plants’ installations

On a number of occasions in His discourses and interviews with youth and elders, Bhagawan has emphasized on the need of supplying safe clean drinking water to the poor village folks.

With Divine Blessings and guidance, the Organisation has been looking at identifying opportunists to provide clean and safe drinking water to the needy all the time. He Himself has demonstrated with His gigantic drinking water projects in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.These is well known and documented as well.

With His inspiration and support, Andhra Pradesh has initiated a number of safe drinking water projects with special focus on fluoride affected locations. As we know fluoride destroys bones-cripples-sets in dental fluorosis-skeletal fluorosis and causes so much of pain to joints and body-Unfortunately this is not reversible.

Incidentally, long before the commencement of SSSVIP, which is declared by Bhagawan on 2007 Ugadi day, the All India Technology group was formed on the 17th of February 2004 again by His vision and blessings...Therefore within those three years, the Techno group was ready with a number of techno solutions as in purification of water, sanitation and agro interventions, solar systems and many more simple cost effective solutions

However, priority has always been provision of clean and safe drinking water. The Organisation, State Trust and Grama Seva Trust together with the support from the Technology group, worked seriously in implementing the installation of De-fluoridation water plants in the states so long. In fact the Organization and Gramaseva trust have taken it forward by establishing a 100 over drinking water facilities in 2012 by the name “Sri Sathya Sai Amrutha Dhaara”

This first De fluoride plant facility was installed and inaugurated with the Divine blessings on 2nd of November 2006.

This was in Bahadurpet in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh which was inaugurated by the then Hon Minister Dr.J.Geetha Reddy garu and Sri V.Srinivasan the All India Presdient.Incidentally, Dr.Anjaniah garu was the State President and Sri A.Ranga Rao garu was the State Trust Convener.After this auspicious beginning, there was no looking back

With His blessings we went on to install 33 such plants indifferent districts of our state till now.We are delighted to share that all of them are working and providing clean, safe drinking water to every family at their door step, every day...

It is important that we should recognize that most of the fluoride levels are as high as between 3 to 6 ppm in these villages-where as the acceptable ISO/WHO levels- are and should be below 1.5 ppm.Similarly the Total dissolved solids levels in most places is above 500 to 2000 and even 20000 ppm in saline locations. The Normal acceptable level should be about 100 ppm.

In all the following places we have strictly maintained the WHO/ISO potable drinking water standards with the Reverse Osmosis equipment. In some cases with Activated Alumina process and Membrane technology

Although there are a number of equipment suppliers in the market-the Technology group has obtained a special price and maintenance schedule with TATA Projects for our Organization supplies for almost 90% of the installations.

The users and implementers must take a note that it is not installing the plant alone-but putting a maintenance management practice and process model which is the one that drives the facility nonstop.

The entire management is entrusted to the five member village committee that operates, technically, commercially and financially. The cost for a 12 liter per day delivery Jerry can is Re1/. This is charged from each family @ Rs 30 per month. The money so collected is deposited in the designated Bank. This amount is used for paying salary to the operator-Paying electrical charges-Paying for repairs and spares for the plant maintenance as well. In addition to this expenditure the management is still left with 40% of revenue which is pooled and used for the welfare task of the village. In all these matter Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation does not interfere in financial matters but only guides.

The most important thing, By His grace and efforts of the Organization-so far is that all plants are working -How ever in order to maintain in this manner-it is very essential that the Organisation nominated members in each respective district must visit the plant and conduct an audit scrupulously every alternative month.

The audit must be on technical, commercial and financial point of view. They must also see that plant utilization should at least be 75% of the capacity.In the unlikely event of this being ignored-it is certain the plants will cease to function.The following table shows the installation locations and the happy beneficiaries in each of the villages.


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