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Sri Sathya Sai Grama Darshini

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Sri Sathya Sai Grama Darshini

To commemorate Swami's 92nd Birthday, Ranga Reddy District has envisaged Grama Darshini Programme spread over 92 villages across the district. All Samithis in the district are to visit their allocated villages. Saroor Nagar Samithi has covered the villages of Nanak Nagar and Gadda Mallaiah Guda villages.

Nanak Nagar village is in Yacharam mandal of RR District. This is the 3rd village of the envisaged 92 villages. Sevadal and youth from Saroor Nagar Samithi have visited this village on 11th June 2017 and performed seva by cleaning the Lord Hanuman temple premises and then performing Sindhur abhishekam. Bal Vikas classes were also conducted to the kids in the village. A video on Swami was shown to the villagers.


A medical camp with active participation of 2 Opthalmologists, 1 Gyanaecologist and 4 General Physicians, 12 Gents Sevadal, 10 youth girls, 12 youth members from Ayyavarigudem village was organised wherein 292 registrations were done of which 118 were gents and 174 ladies. Various tests were conducted where 48 patients have undergone Diabetic test, 5 patients were identified for surgery, Ophthalmic tests were conducted for 94 patients of which 70 patients are being given Spectacles and 25 Eye Surgeries.  




Gadda Mallaiah guda village in Yacharam Mandal in RR District was the 4th Village identified and Saroornagar Samithi was fortunate enough to cover this village on 24th June 2017 as part of Sri Sathya Sai Grama Darshini. A veterinary camp was organised wherein 154 animals were treated by veterinary doctors Dr. Punnaiah garu and Dr. Anil Kumar garu and their staff of 8 members. Village sarpanch and 6 sevadal members participated in the camp.


Sunday, 25th June 2017 started with Grama Sankeertana followed by sindur abhishekam and betel leaf offering to Lord Hanuman. A video on Swami was shown to the villagers. Bal Vikas classes were conducted to the village kids.


Medical camp was conducted with 105 gents and 178 ladies registrations. 3 patients were identified for general surgeries, 72 identified with need for spectacles and 53 for eye surgeries. A total of 8 doctors, 36 sevadal members participated in Gadda Mallaiah guda village.


Report by S Yadagiri Rao, District President RR Dist. 

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