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Sivaratri celebrations

With Bhagawan's grace, 20 Samithis/Bhajan Mandalis in Vizianagaram District have piously performed the celebrations of Maha Sivaratri on 24th February 17. Piridi Samithi conducted 12 hr bhajan and performed SAI Rudrabhisekham. Gajapatinagaram Samithi performed Lingabhisekham and Akhanda nama Sankeertan. Wonderful services were provided to pilgrims at local festival Paramma Konda. Youth have vigorously participated.  Rudrabhisekham was also performed. Sai Brundavan Samithi performed Rudrabhisekham. Pradeepnagar Samithi conducted Rudrabhisekham in which District President participated. Mentada Samithi organized special Seva, distributed 5000 buttermilk packets and Narayana Seva to 20 people. In Zone-2, Dharmavaram BM has supplied food to 3000 pilgrims at the local festival at Sanyasayyapalem. The Chipurupalle Samithi conducted 12 hr bhajan in which 50 devotees participated. Maha Rudrabhisekham and Homam were performed by Parvatipuram Samithi. 6 hr bhajan was held at VC Colony. Duvvam Samithi performed Rudrabhisekham and 12 hr bhajan. It was Denkada Samithi which conducted 12 hr nama Sankeertan. OM Mandir performed Siva Parvatula Kalyanam.  In Zone-5, at the local festival at GUMPA, special Seva provided and did narayan Seva to 5000 pilgrims. In this activity, the District President and office bearers participated. Another Nellimarla Samithi also rendered services at Ramatheerthalu-Kothapeta, supplied buttermilk, pulihora and amla nuts to quench from thrust. Kothavalasa Samithi performed Rudrabhisekham and special bhajan. Jarajapupeta performed Rudrabhisekham, VUDA Samithi did 8 hr bhajan and finally Vysnavi veedhi BM performed Rudrabhisekham and special bhajan.

Reported by: Kalyan Viswanadha, District Youth Coordinator.

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