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Makara Sankranthi is one of the most important festivals for Indians and one that holds immense physical and spiritual significance. It is also celebrated as Pongal . It is a festival when farmers rejoice at the good harvest and express their gratitude to the Sun, the Earth and the cattle for their bountiful blessings. It marks the end of the dull and dreary winter and the onset of colorful and joyous spring.
Sankranthi also marks the northward movement of the sun called 'Uttarayana', and its migration into the zodiac sign of Makara or Capricorn. The sun represents illumination and hence this event is equally awaited by spiritual personages, for, it symbolizes the intellect being directed towards achieving higher pursuits and the spiritual goal of mergence with the Divine. Bheeshmacharya, the grandsire of the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the great epic 'Mahabharata', is said to have lain on a bed of arrows for days, waiting for this holy day, to shed his mortal coils and attain to the higher worlds.
At,  this holy and joyous occasion also marks the valedictory ceremony and prize distribution of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet of Bhagawan's educational institutions.
The Bala Vikas  wing of Ukkunagaram Samithi ,Visakhapatnam celebrated Sankranti with gusto and traditional fervour. The mandir was decorated with beautiful and colourful  rangoli. Sankranthi celebration started with the traditional bon fire, bhogi manata, signifying the giving up of bad qualities and accepting all that is good in the coming year.
In the evening, Bhogi Pandlu, the traditional ritual,was performed . Tiny tots of Bal Vikas dressed in new dresses were made to sit , eldery ladies applied  kum kum on their foreheads, showered bhogi pallu (a special mixture of gooseberries, rice, sugarcane pieces). Aarthi was offered to these tiny children. This ritual is observed as a protection of children evil forces.And also to bless them with good health,longevity and prosperity.
Bommala koluvu is an age old tradition in South India in which a number of idols or toys are showcased in an array of steps.
The bommala koluvu was also organized by ladies wing on the eve of Sankranti in which BAL Vikas children too took part. This celebration encourages the girl child to display her talents as she grows up to take up the house hold responsibilities in future.
The girl children of the house helped are involved in arranging or showcasing the dolls or toys which they have collected in an array of steps, the dolls of local handicrafts of Andhra Pradesh like the kondapalli and etikoppaka toys were showcased.

 Friends and relatives are invited to have a look at Bommala Koluvu which is known as and then they are given Taambulam which consists of one or two fruits along with two betel leaves, betel nut, a coin, turmeric powder and Kumkum powder (pasupu Kumkham). And then the young girls are blessed by the elders and are appreciated for the display of their wonderful art.

In fact Bommala Koluvu encourages the creativity and organization skills in the girl children. And it is highly essential for these young girls to be organised as they are the future organizers of the household. In this way Bommala Kovulu has its own importance in improving the skills of girl children and thereby molding them to perfect individuals. It also gives them an opportunity to socialize themselves and thus help them in maintaining better public relations.

Chakkarapongal was prepared and offered as Prasad.
"As The Sun Began His Northward Journey, May He Blesses one and all With Happiness & prosperity...!!!" – Jai Sai Ram

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