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Sahasra Lingabhishekam by 1008 Couples – Saroornagar Samithi

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Sahasra Lingabhishekam by 1008 Couples – Saroornagar Samithi

As part of Swami’s 88th Birthday Celebrations, Saroornagar Samithi has conducted SAHASRA LINGABHISHEKAM by 1008 COUPLES on October 6th 2013 at Chandra Gardens, Karmanghat, Hyderabad.

Saroornagar Samithi has planned a Devotional Programme as a part of Swami’s 88th Birthday Celebrations. Keeping in view of Swami’s guidance on Rudra Parayana, the Saroornagar Samithi has decided to organise Sahasra Lingabhishekam by 1008 couples. With active cooperation of all Sevadal members, the samithi could mobilise 1100 couples for registration and 1008 couples participated to perform the Lingabhishekam. Sivalingas were procured from Srisailam. All participating devotees were given away One Sivalingam, One Swamy Photo, One Vibhuthi Packet, One Laddu as Prasadam.

The stage was beautifully decorated with Swami’s Photo, his Simhasanam, One Marble Sivalingam and 365 Sand Sivalingams. One couple performed the Lingabhishekam to the main Sivalingam on the Dais. Five Archakas from Vemulavada the famous Shiva Shrine in Karimnagar District, Andhra Pradesh have chanted mantras for the Lingabhishekam. At 9AM, programme commenced with Lighting of Lamp followed by Lingabhishekam from 9AM to 1030AM. Namakam, Chamakam and Bilwashtakam were chanted while the couples were performing the Abhishekam. At 1030AM, Powerpoint presentation about the various social and charitable activities undertaken by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations and the specific activities of Saroornagar Samithi were highlighted. At 11AM, Sri. Arun, a student of Swamy delivered a speech on the importance and positive effects of RUDRA PARAYANA in daily life. Bhajans were sung from 12noon to 1220PM. Harathi to Swamy was given at 1220PM followed by Mahaprasadam (Lunch) to all. During this programme, Balvikas Gurus have conducted Balvikas for the children of participating couples.

The entire programme was webcasted live on The programme was telecasted live across the venue through LED screens sponsored by TATA MOTORS. The venue Chandra Gardens was given free of charge for performing this devotional programme. All the Sevadal, Devotees, Balvikas Gurus of the Samithi have actively participated in making this programme a success.

District President Sri. Sesha Sai, District Service Coordinator Sri. Vasudeva Rao, other State and District Coordinators have also participated in this programme.

Report by S Yadagiri Rao, Convenor, Saroornagar Samithi, Hyderabad

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