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Sadhana Sibiram-Saluru-31-12-17

With the profound and loving grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, one Sadhana Camp at Saluru Samithi of Vizianagaram District was conducted with much discipline and devotion on the last day of 2017  i.e. on 31.12.2017 (Sunday) to which at about a number of 200 devotees have participated. The Sadhana Camp was started at 10.30 am and closed by 2.15 pm. The entire programme is monitored and anchored by Sri G.Satyanarayana, Zone-IV Convener.  Sri M.Satyarao, District Spiritual Coordinator,  Sri S.Papi Naidu, District Education Coordinator,  Sri P.J.Naidu, District NSJY in-charge,  Sri  P. Rajasekharam, District  Grama Seva in-charge and Sri A.Rami Naidu, Zone-IV   Bal Vikas in-charge have attended  the Sadhana Camp.

                  The programme was started with Omkaram 3 times,  Jyothi Prajwalana, garlanding to Swamy’s photo and floral offering by all the District and Samithi office bearers presented. During the Sadhana Camp,  the following topics were covered by the persons noted there in and the gist of presentation is given in brief:

  1.  OMKARAM, ITS SIGNIFICANCE AND SADHANA:-  By Sri M.Satyarao, District Spiritual Coordinator.

        He told that Omkaram should be done 21 times and each Omkaram  is to be for 20 seconds. It is  “Trimoorthy Swarupam”, it contains A,U,M 3 letters and it is very sacred. Omkaram existed before “Srusti”.  Lastly the Omkaram was  recited by all the devotees in Corus in an  uniform way and practiced a while.

  1. IMORTANCE OF SERVICE AND GRAMASEVA:-  This topic is dealt with by  Sri P.Rajasekharam, District Grama Seva in-charge. He emphasized that the item of Service covered in 9 point code of conduct as prescribed by our Swamy as 5th item, so that 4 items before and other 4 items after guards service item. He neatly explained the difference between Service and Help. He also added that through Seva egoism will be vanished, fraternity will be developed and unity will be increased. He also played a 2 minute audio clipping of Swamy told on service.
  2. Sri S.Papi Naidu, District Education Coordinator covered 6 permanent objectives of the organisation and 3 qualifications for the members of the Organisation. He explained elaborately with regard to 6 objectives and told that Swamy insisted to include these objectives in the existing rules during 3rd  World conference & 9th All India Conference held at Prasanthinilayam during the year 1980.  He also told that in the 1st  All India conference  of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations held in Madras (Now Chennai) in 1967, Swamy was kind enough to state the following 3 eligible criteria for becoming members of the organisation.
  1. One has to be interested in working towards one’s liberation. 
  2. One should have un-shakeable faith in the name, form and teachings of Swamy  and
  3. One has to be recognised as a good person in the society.

4. Sri P.J.Naidu, District NSJY in-charge has read over the 9 point code of     conduct and told that all these are self explanatory and asked the gathering to follow the 9 point code of conduct in our daily life.                                                                       

5. Smt. G.Venkata Nooka Ratnam has explained about the importance of Sadhana camps in brief.

6. Sri P. Chinnikrishna has delivered on Bhakti, Jnana, Karma and Raja yoga; those are already existed in Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation. He explained them as Bhajans, Nagar Sankeerthans and all rituals do come under Bhakti yoga; Study Circles, Sadhana camps,  Bal Vikas and Educare are coming under Jnana yoga.  All kinds of services including Parthi services come under Karma yoga  and Jyothi dhyanams  come under Raja yoga. So everything is available in this organisation basing on our interest and ability he added.

7. Sri M.Satyarao, District Spiritual Coordinator taken-up the topic “Veda Gayatri” and “Saayitri”. He explained the significance of Veda Gayatri and told that Sayitri is a combination of 3 Gayatris Viz; “Sai Gayatri”. “Surya Gayatri” and “Hiranya garbha Gayatri”, which are evolved by Sri Ghandikota Venkata Subramanya Sastry on 24.12.1971, 12.7.1997 and 15.2.1999 respectively and explained their significance.

8. “HUMAN VALUES’: This topic is dealt with by Smt. A.Saraswathi, Samithi Education Coordinator, Bobbili. She told that major human values are ‘ Satya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa’ as told by Swamy in a poem. She explained each value by exampling with a small story told by Swamy during His discourses  and she also told if we observe these Human values in true sense , Daiva Preethi, Papa Bheethi and Sangha Neethi will automatically implemented in our life.

In the midst, 3 Cultural programmes by Bal Vikas students of Saluru Samithi were also performed .  

Finally, Votes Of Thanks are offered by Sri T.Ramana, Spiritual Coordinator, Saluru Samithi.

At the end, Divya Mangala Harathi was offered to our beloved Swamy and Anna prasadam followed to all.

Reported by:S.Papi Naidu, Dist. Education Coordinator, SSSSO, Vzm Dt.

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