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Rudram rehearsal in Jadcharla –MBNR Dist.

Rudram rehearsal in Jadcharla –MBNR Dist.

                                         With the Divine Blessings of Bhagawan,Rudram reharsel has done on 23-08-2015 in Jadchrla Sathya Sai Mandir.This progrme for, chanting rudram at swami presence in Prasahnti Nilayam on 31-08-2015.Program has stated with Omkaram at 10.45 am.After few bajans rehearsal program has started at 11.00 am.Before start of the program Sri D Vishnu Vardhan Rao State co-ordinator said about the value of vedam chanting and introduced the trainers.For this rehearsal progrme 80 mahila devotees 35 gents have participated.

Sri Oman Kumar,vedam trainer gave instructions to all vedam chanting devotees, along with him Sri Boppa Srinivas gave suggestions to the devotees. Whole progrme was organized by Sri S Venkateshwara Rao and Sri Chidambar, convener Jadchrla Samithi. All the district office bearers and samithi office bearers have attended to the program.Program has ended at 2.30 pm with harathi to Bhagavan.

Online Report by N.Nagaraju District Archives Incharge SSSO MBNR. Cell NO:8500497648.







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