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Regional Mahila & Youth meet-Anantapur Dt

 Aum Sri Sai Ram

Report on Sri Sathya Sai Mahila Youth and Sevadal Meet

Held on 25 Sep 2011

Sairam dear Sai brothers and sisters,

Sri Sathya Sai Mahila Youth and Sevadal meet was organized in the environment of Love and Devotion at Sai Pranathi Mandir, Cheekatamani palli village on 25th Sep 2011. The event was participated by 100 Mahila Youth and Sevadal from most of the Samithis of Anantapur Dist. & around 30 from Chittoor Dist.

State ladies youth coordinator Ms. Aruna shared Swami’s messages with beautiful examples by involving all participants. Ms. Annapurna – EG Dist. Ladies Service coordinator talked about the COD and service activities that can be done at Samithi/Bajanmandali. Ms. Alivelamma – Kurnool Dist. Ladies Service Coordinator explained about Prashanti services.  Ms. Kiran Kumary – Regional Mahila Service Coordinator shared the service activities that are being conducted by Mahila youth and Sevadal in Anantapur Dist. A few youth and mahila samithi conveners Ms, Padmavathamma, Ms. Sarojini etc. shared their experiences as SEVADAL and how it radically transformed their lives. Program went on very well; the response from the participants was really great.

On this occasion, Swami blessed us to conduct a few service activities - laptop was given to the Bajanamandali to conduct computer classes on every Sunday, beneficiaries would be young unemployed youth from close by villages (Both Anantapur & Chittor Dist.), 21 mementoes were given to Govt school children, and also 9 pregnant ladies were honored with clothes/sweets/fruits.

This meeting was coordinated by Smt. Kiran Kumary – Regional Mahila Service Coordinator, Smt. Rajeswari – Dist. Service Coordinator, Smt. Padma – Dist. Youth Coordinator and the respective Samithi youth and Sevadal coordinators.

-Online Report by Kiran Kumary, Regional Mahila Service Coordinator


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