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Radio Sai Shivam Digital Studio-1st Anniversary

Radio Sai-Shivam Digital Studio 1st Anniversary

Today (3rd Nov 2013) being a very auspicious day, a festival of lights and sound. Team Radio Sai performed 1st Anniversary of Radio Sai Shivam Digital Studio blessed by Bhagawan Baba. On 4th Nov 2012 Radio Sai Shivam Digital Studio was inaugurated on the first floor of Shivam Bhajan hall. Today the programmes were broadcast live from 10 AM onwards till 1-15 PM.The contents of the programme   distinctly   conveyed   the   enthusiasm and devotion.

The young children have shown in Bal Vikas and their   immense faith in   Bhagawan and his grace. Elders spoke about the activities, under taken by Sri  Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, all over the state and the data, the facts and figures depict, Bhagawan’s immense grace.

Radio Sai is the best conduit to propagate the values, ethos, and life principles.  Today the programme has sown the seed of resolve which ultimately guides the main kind, to achieve  Unity, Purity, Divinity, for which the Avatar of the Age stood for, the programme which lasted for nearly 3 hour fifteen minutes is indeed an offering and a tribute to our beloved Bhagawan.

As proposal of vote of thanks Sri Ganesh from Prashanti Nilayam who was assisted by Sri Sai Teja and Sri Sai Praveen, Technical Team from Hyderabad Studio, expressed a strong intention to conduct such live programmes from the Radio Sai studios at Tirupathi and Visakhapatnam.  Sri Sai Krishna was appreciated for all the lead he has taken in establishment of studios and laying down strong foundation under the guidance of Sri G. Venkat Raman.

Sri V S R Moorty summed up the entire proceedings and wished Swamy’s grace will provide many more opportunities and to many more devotees to take part in the programmes and play their part to carry on the Divine Mission of our beloved Swamy.

-Report by PV Sastry, Convener, Koti Samithi and MLN Swamy, Radio Sai Hyderabad District Coordinator.

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