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Opening of New Mandir, Tettangi-Palakonda Zone

Opening of  New Mandir, Tettangi-Palakonda Zone

With divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba varu a newly constructed  Sathya Sai Mandir building  in Tettangi village in Palakonda Zone is opened on 21.05.2017 and  offered to the lotus feet of Bhagawan  with much devotion and dedication.

The following events took place during the day of opening ceremony.

1. Jyoti prajwalana was done by Sri Padala Prasada Rao, Regional Spiritual Coordinator.

2. Garlanding Swamy by Sri Paani Chinnam Naidu, Palakonda Zonal convenor..     

3. The spiritual discourses are delivered on this auspicious occasion by Sri Subbarayulu  garu, state spiritual co-ordinator.    

4.The devotees and convenors  of Palakonda Zone attend to tbe above programme. Sri M.Jagannadham, Dist.joint Sevadal co-ordinator, Sri A.Polinaidu, Dist. Sadhana Sibiram                  incharge, Sri V.Narayana Rao, Zonal sevadal incharge participated.

5. The inaugural Function  concluded with Haarathi to Bhagawan.

                                        Some photos submitted to the feet of Bhagawan.

Report by: R.Kishor, Dist. IT incharge, Phone:8332041839

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