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Opening of 80th new SAI SIVAM Mandir at Jaggunaidupeta.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba varu blesses the Dist. Organization, Vizianagaram to own 79 permanent SAI Mandir so far. Another new Mandir 'Sai Sivam' is newly constructed at Jaggunaidupeta which will be the 80th MANDIR in the District. The newly constructed Mandir was inaugurated and offered to the lotus feet of Bhagawan on 6-4-17 with much devotion and dedication. The following events took place during the day of opening ceremony.

1. Jyoti prajwalana was done by M.Satya Rao, District Spiritual Coordinator.

2. Garlanding was offered to Swamy by Mr. Kalyan Viswanadha, District Youth Coordinator.

3. The Prashanti flag was unfurled by the District President Sri CD Rama Mohana Rao.

4. The newly constructed Mandir was duly inaugurated by the District President and offered at the lotus feet.

5. Swamy Vigraham was unveiled by the District Spiritual Coordinator Sri M Satyarao.

6. Swamy Aasanam (chair) was released by Mr.  Kalyan Viswanadha, District Youth Coordinator and Sri M Satyanarayana, District Gramaseva Coordinator.

7. The spiritual discourses were delivered on this auspicious occasion by the District President, District Sevadal Coordinator, District Spiritual Coordinator and District Sadhana Camps I/C.

Small felicitations were done to the senior devotees who have strived hard in construction work.

The inaugural function was concluded with offering divya mangala Haarati to Bhagawan Baba by Sri P Tavitinaidu, Convener of Bhajan Mandali.

The office bearers of Zone-4 have attended the function.

Reported by: Mr. Kalyan Viswanadha, District Youth Coordinator.PhotoGrid 1491476850691PhotoGrid 1491476890264PhotoGrid 1491476936573


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