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New Mandir (Viswa Sai Mandir) Regidi (8.5.2015)

With profound blessings and grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Srikakulam District, the 198th  Swamy's Mandir Titled as “VISWA SAI MANDIR” is placed before the Lotus feet of our Bhagawan on 08.05.2015  at Regidi in Rajam Zone. The Mandir is constructed with the commitment of a single person by name Sri Mamidi Venugopalanaidu, High Court Advocate with full cooperation of the villagers. 3 days rituals and different homams were performed. Smt Kimidi Mrunalini, Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development, A.P, Dr. Kimidi Ganapathi Rao, Ex MLA, Sri S.G.Chalam, State President SSSSO, AP&Telangana, Sri R.Laxmana Rao, Vice State President, SSSSO, AP&Telangana. Sri G.Ramanababu, District President, Srikakulam, Sri Jandhyala Sumanbabu, Sri M.Shanmukharao, State Joint Co-ordinator, Sri Padala Prasada Rao, State Joint Co-ordinator , Sri M.S.Prakasha Rao, State Cultural Co-ordinator and Sri V.Annaji Rao, Zonal Convenor of Rajam Zone and local leaders participated in the programmes. Around 5000 people attended to Narayanaseva. The Photos and news coverage submitted to the feet of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba varu. 


Reported by: R.Kishor, Dist.Arch.Incharge, Srikakulam

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