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Navasutra Gnana Yagngam At Ravulapalem

NSJY Meet was conducted on 29th July at Ravulapalem and more than 300 members attended and were blessed by Bhagawan

Nava Sutra Jnana Yagnam (NSJY), a training programme for facilitators [Samithis & Bhajan mandalis] was conducted at Ravulapalem of East Godavari district on 29th July 2012. The programme started with bhajans & Veda Recitation. After the Jyothi prajwalana, Sri K.V.S. Sathyanarayana, District Spiritual In charge introduced the day’s proceedings. The State President, Sri S. G. Chalam arrived after launching ASM (Active Sevadal Member) concept at Rajahmundry and graced the occasion. He addressed the Sai family and briefed them about uniqueness of the Avatar and our responsibility in the present scenario. The District President Sri Sitaram Babu assured of propagating the importance of nine code of conduct at every Town/village. Smt. Usha Rani, State Coordinator, Spiritual Wing explained the Importance with analogies and the reasons for practicing nine principles.

The first and second suthras were explained by the Master Trainer-Sri G.V.Avadhani from Hyderabad and he described about the Omkaram, Japam, Suprabhatam, and Jyothi Dhyanam in detail. Third suthra was explained by Ms Y. Padmaja, State Joint Coordinator, Balvikas. She told that how helpful for a child to inculcate human values at tender age, by quoting real life incidents. Sri Bangarayyagaru District In charge for DJP, explicated on the fourth suthra by singing melodiously. Dr.Prabhakar, District Sadhana camp in charge spoke on the fifth suthra He told how Swamy emphasized on service and the ways of doing it whole-heartedly. The sixth and seventh suthras were dealt by Dr.D.S.D.Shyamala, District balvikas coordinator.

Post lunch session started with detailed explanation on eighth suthra by Sri Ch.Surya Kameswara Rao, Spiritual In charge of East and West Godavari districts. Sri K.V.S. Sathyanarayana, District Spiritual wing in charge, told the last. Sri Vivekananda reddy garu, District Study Circle In charge spoke on the responsibility of the facilitator and also conducted activities and group discussion. The group discussion was very interesting as it was a review of the day’s proceedings . Nine teams were formed. Each group was given a Suthra to discuss in the given time and asked to express their thoughts.

Dr. Prabhakar summed up the day’s entire programme. Sri M.P.Vardhan Rao & his active committed youth monitored the entire programme and arranged everything with love and care. Before the conclusion, the State coordinator, Smt Usha Rani Garu made it specific that Deeksha to be taken up by all the devotees during 81 days and continue for individual spiritual upliftment throughout their lives. 330 members [F-150; M-180], who have come from all corners of the district, were amply benefitted by this programme and the programme ended with Mangala Harathi to Bhagawan Baba.

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