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Nava Sutra Yajnam

Nava Sutra Yajnam

State Activities-Navasutra Jnana Yngnam-23rd & 24th June 2012 at Hyderabad

Two day Orientation Program -A Report Bhagawan blessed us with an opportunity to conduct a two day orientation program for the trainers as part of the state wide Nava Sutra Sadhana. The program was held on June 23rd and 24th 2012, Saturday and Sunday, at Sivam.

The objective of the program was to conduct an orientation for the facilitators as well as train them on the nuances of facilitation. The group comprised of 86 people of Master Trainers (erstwhile facilitators of Navasutra Jnana Yagna 2010 from Hyderabad) and the facilitators identified from various districts. The orientation program was conducted by Sri Kota Siva Kumar and his team of Sri MLN Swamy, Smt.M.Sesha Valli, Sri D.Prashant and Sri K.V.S. Saikumar.

Day 1 Theme: NJY Overview and Preparation
9:30 am: Navasutra - a facilitation experience.The first session was conducted by Smt. Sesha Valli .The topic covered a recap on the Nava Sutras’ with specific reference to past experiences on facilitation .Smt Valli also delved into the benefits of Sadhana for sadhaka as well as facilitator.12 pm to 1:45pm: Principles of good facilitation. The second session was conducted by Sri Saikumar. The topic covered various aspects of how to conduct a review and the dos and don’ts of facilitation.

2:30pm – 4 pm: Tips on being a good facilitator, Principles of Communication, Basics of Time Management. These topics were facilitated by Sri Prashant. The trainer shared his experiences as a facilitator while covering the principles .The importance of having a methodology and a lesson plan customized to the local sadhaka was highlighted. The topics were customized to sadhaka facilitation based on the past experience. 4:15 to 5: 15 pm Meeting Management.

The session was covered by Sri Saikumar. The facilitators were explained the do’s and don’ts of meeting. How to conduct a meeting and facilitate discussions while catalyzing Sadhana was mentioned. Sri Bala Manohar Rao garu summarized the day with excerpts from Bhagawan’s literature and shared his tips on Nava Sutra Sadhana.

Day 2 Theme: Train the Trainer
9:30 – 11:30: Five principles of facilitation.The session started with Sri Kota Siva Kumar. The facilitators committed themselves to 21 days Sadhana from the next day .This was as part of the preparation for facilitating the Sadhana for others better. The facilitators also raised doubts on Nava Sutra Sadhana which were answered by the trainer. 11:40 – to 1:30: Review in Action.

The objective of this session was to give the facilitators a feel of the review format. The session was conducted by Sri Saikumar. The participants were divided into 5 teams. A simulation of the review format was conducted. The first round was introduction of the sutra. The second round was review of the Sadhana .The participants were urged to play the role of a sadhaka and yet observe as a facilitator on the behavioural tendencies of sadhaka. The role plays helped the participants to understand to a greater degree of the task ahead. 1:30 – 2:30pm: Q & A Session. The session was handled by Sri Kota Sivakumar supported by Smt. Sesha Valli. The queries of the participants on the sutras, facilitation aspects, and the format for Nava Sutra Sadhana were avidly discussed. Sri Bala Manohar Rao garu chipped in with his expert advice on the Sutra, Sadhana and the interpretation. The program concluded with harati to Bhagawan followed by prasadam.
Jai Sai Ram

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