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Nalgonda ASM Meet

ASM training program-Follow up Camp in Nalgonda

In continuation to the ASM training programs, on 16th Sep.2012 the program was conducted at NAKARIKAL, NALGONDA. It was attended by 60 members and 30 persons opted to be ASMs. The program started with Bhajan and prayer followed by introduction by Sri Krishna Rao, DP, Nalgonda. .The following were the faculty.

Shri. R. Lakshmana Rao, State Sevadal Cordinator
Shri. Lajpatrai State Jt.Sevadal Cordinator
Shri Bhaskara Rao State Jt.Sevadal Cordinator
Shri V V S N murty State Office

Sri Ramachandra Rao, former District President and a long standing close devotee of Bhagawan
explained the need of ASM at this hour and its relevance to Swamy’s teachings.The session came to an end with Harati to Bhagavan V V S N Murty

Shri Venkatachala Bhongir
Shri Adinarayana Miryalaguda
Shri Srinivas District Your Coordinator
Shri Venkateswarlu Nakarikal
Shri M.Sinivas P.S , Kodada

The session came to an end with Harati to Bhagawan. Report by Sri V V S N Murty

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