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Mega Medical Camp - BAKURU Tribal Village - 5 Nov 2017

with the divine blessings and immense grace of bhagawan baba, as part of swami's 92nd birth day celebrations, a mega medical camp was conducted at bakuru tribal village, hukumpeta mandal, VISAKHAPATNAM district on 05.11.2017, 135 kms away from visakhapatnam city. The camp was inaugurated by sri vr nageswara rao, district president, sri sathya sai seva organizations, visakhapatnam district. The camp was supported by pedagantyada samithi and vempalanagar bhajan mandali and with the help of gayathri hospital and visakha eye hospital. Total patients registered and extended medical service is 1656. pathological lab tests were conducted to 80 people. 18 x rays and 06 ecgs were taken. Out of 1656 out patients, gyanaecology 220, paediatric 85, dental 95, ophthalmic 325 and general out patients were 931. A team of 18 doctors under the leadership of dr.Gvs rao and 19 medical students extended their services in the medical camp. 8 members team of paramedical staff, 2 radiologists, 2 lab technicians and 2 nursing personnel extended their service during the medical camp. 17 numbers medical sevadal under the leadership of sri ra naidu, district medical coordinator extended their service. 250 sevadal and devotees from pedagantyada, gajuwaka, ukkunagaram and vempalnagar bhajan mandal and 500 tribal youth sevadal extended their services during the camp. 57 patients were brought for different treatments and admitted in gayathri hospital and visakha eye hospital. Sri vr nageswara rao, district president, sri b. Babu rao, gajuwaka samithi convener, sri kondababu, vempalnagar bhajan mandal convener, sri galla shankara rao and sri kvn murthy and local important persons are also participated in the medical camp.


Reported by: P. Sanyasi Naidu, District IT coordinator, Visakhapatnam district. Phone no. 9490109796 and 7993865134 e mail ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. IMG 20171105 103311 CopyIMG 20171105 120405 CopyIMG 20171105 120405 CopyIMG 20171105 112704 CopyIMG 20171105 120053 Copy

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