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Meeting Report

Sairam Sir, A meeting was conducted by the State President on 10th June, 2012 at Sivam and the meeting was attended by: 1) Sri S.G. Chalam, State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, AP.
2) Sri S. Hariharan, State Joint Co-Ordinator (PS) & SRT member.
3) Sri P. Ramakuchel, Dist. President, Ranga Reddy District.
4) Sri MVR. Sesha Sai, Dist. President, Hyderabad District.
5) Dr.B.C. Ramanna, DSC, Ranga Reddy District
The State President has discussed the following points.

1) Reorganization of RR district :-
SP has suggested that the area towards Eastern part of Karimnagar road (North side ) and Kurnool Road (South side) can be looked after by the Hyderabad Dist. because of easy accessibility and better monitoring compared to RR dist. Due to this reorganization the Revenue Mandals viz, Hayathnagar, IbrahimPatnam, Manchal, Yacharam, Shamshabad, Maheshwaram, Kandukur, including Hayathnagar Samithi ( which are presently covered by RR dist.) will come under Hyderabad Dist. for development of Organizational activities.

2) Development Activities in RR Dist :-
SP also suggested to the DP, RR Dist. to demarcate rural and urban areas suitably and nominate Special Sevadal Coordinators for Rural & Urban areas or to monitor the activities more effectively.

3)ActionPlanofDevelopmentinRRDist :-
SP told to proceed with the proposed Action Plan of Development programme in RR Dist., which was submitted to the SP in the meeting.

4) Proposed Plan of Action in recently acquired area near Shamshabad :-
SP has advised to DP Hyderabad and DP RR dist. to plan for its development in 3.0 acres of area after obtaining Building Drawings from Sri. V.R. Nageswara Rao. DP Vishakhapatnam. He told to plan initially for establishing Old Age Home and subsequently DJP / School.

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