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Medical Follow Up cases-2017

Medical Follow Up cases-2017

Medchel Dist:

Master Harshith Goud (2 ): CHD-VSD CLOSURE was done at Sunshine hospital on 25.6.2017 and was discharged on 29.7.2017. Patient was recovering well. This is the first major surgery case for Medchal Dist. Sairam

Medchel 01

-Report by G Bhaskara Rao, State Coordinator (medical), 8639582564

Nagarkurnool (Chennaram): 

Eye Follow up cases 02Chennaram Eye 01 7th May 2017 Camp Group PhotoChennaram Eye 01 7th May 2017 CampChennaram EYE 02 7th May 2017 03

-Report by J Manohar, Medical Follow Up Cases Coordinator, 9246853878


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