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Mathru Pooja Mahothsavam @ Gachibowli RR Dist.

Mathru Pooja Mahothsavam @ Gachibowli RR Dist 2015

 “This is a beautiful tradition that instills a reverence and love within the child and awakens deep emotions and sentiments within the mother. Mother is our first God, “Matru devo bhava”, through love and reverence for the mother the child will learn easily to extend that same love to the Supreme Lord of the whole Cosmos. “ 

With Bhagawan's blessings and grace Mathru Pooja Mahothsavam was held in Gachibowli Samithi on 15th March' 2015.Mathru pooja was offered by 24 Balavikas students of Kondapur Bhajan Mandal in gachibowli Samithi.Arrangements were made by the balvikas children of the samithi while needs of any item during pooja was taken up by elder balvikas children who had specially come to take part in the seva activity of the day.

Program started with Omkaram followed by lightened the lamp by Sri Sathyanarayana garu , ex DP and others . Ms. Susheela garu  and Sri Sathyanarayana garu Spoke during the occasion.They highlighted the importance of mathru murthi and the role she plays in the life of a child. They went on to add a number of role models who lived up to the importance of revering the mother like Dhruva, Prahaladha etc and a number of examples were cited from Swami’s speeches. The message was well received by the audience comprising of our members besides the parents who had come to take part in the event.
Vote of Thanks was done by Mrs. T. Padmavathi , Balavikas in charge of Gachibowli samithi.A book stall with Sai Literature was also set up and books worth about Rs.1000 were sold.8 Balavikas Gurus and Mahila Sevadal took part in the activity about 80 people in total attended this event.The program came to a close by offering harathi to our lord followed by mahaprasadam to all the members who had come for the activity. 

Report by M.SOMASUNDARAM, DAI, RR DISTRICT 9391385738.

Jai sairam.

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