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Mathru pooja Mahothsavam, Anantapur

Mathru Pooja Mahothsavam Anantapur.

By the Divine Blessing of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the SSSS Samithi, Anantapur performed Mathru Pooja Mahothsavam on 3rd May 2015, at Sri Sathya Sai mandiram, Aravinda nagar, as part of Eswaramma day and Swamy’s 90th Birthday celebrations.

The program in the evening started with veda chanting at 5.30 p.m. followed by bhajan. The Mathru pooja started at 6.30 p.m. with mahila sevadal and older Balvikas children making arrangements for the pooja. Smt. K. Geetha Sukumar, Dist. Coordinator, Education spoke about the importance of Mathru pooja. She said Sri Sathya Sai was very fond of His Mother. Speaking about the love for Her Son, in spite of knowing His Divinity Mathrusri Eswaramma garu was always thinking of Her Son’s well being. Importance of mother and the role she plays in the life of a child was explained. By performing this pooja energy from their mother would pass to her child in addition to the blessings for their material and spiritual progress.

The pooja proper was performed by the children as per the directions given by Smt Geetha Sukumar. “Aum Sri Mathru Devobhava” was chanted throughout the pooja.

Mathru pooja was performed for thirty mothers. The programme ended with mangala harathi to Swamy.

Ten sevadal volunteers, parents and devotees in all 100 participated in this programme.

Report: G Dhanunjaya. Coordinator - Archives, Ananthapur dist. Mobile no: 94403 84107.


 Smt Geetha Sukumar explaining the significance of Mathru pooja



 Material for pooja being readied



Mathru pooja  in progress





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