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Hyderabad ASM – Masters’ Training Programme

Hyderabad ASM – Masters’ Training Programme

ASM – Masters’ Training Programme- 26th Aug 2012 at Hyderabad

ASM Master’s Training Program for 16 districts was conducted at Eswaramma Seva Sadan in Hyderabad on 26th Aug 2012. The training camp was inaugurated by Sri MVR Sesha Sai, Hyderabad District President and Prof Ramanjappa, Anantapur District President, in total 115 people registered for the program, out of which 86 members submitted forms. The following were the faculty and the proceedings were conducted by Sri MLN Swamy, Alumni of SSSIHL.

S.no Organisation Topic Speaker
1 ASM Concept and its significance Sri R Laxman RAo
2 Spreading-Sai message, web site, Growth by everyone Sri D Vishnu Vardhan Rao
3 Bala Vikas and Sathya Sai School Dr Vallinath
4 DJP, Parthi Yatra, COD and SSNNS, 87 days deeksha Sri M Shanmukha Rao
5 Prashanthi Nilayam Services Sri Lala Lajpat Rai
6 SSSVIP, Grama Seva and RCC Dr Krishna Kumar
7 Prashanthi Services (PS) Sri Ravi Kiran
8 Seva Sadhana & Motivation Sri S Koteswara Rao
9 Organisational Aspects and PN services Sri S G Chalam, SP
10 General Guide lines and meaning of Sevadal Sri N Ramani, AIVP

The subjects were covered in two sessions with half an hour lunch break and the session ended with oath taken by all present. Photos by Sri VVSN Murthy

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