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Growth by Everyone

Sairam and Divine Day,

As part of our continuous efforts for the ‘Expansion’ of our esteemed Organisation, few more established methods and which were proven all over the World, particularly in corporate sector are outlined here. At the end a conclusion is given with respect to our present initial model and extensions are available and would be floated once the initial plan kicks.

1) Everyone is designated a task and he/she is accountable for that particular job/task.
2) The level of the person may at bottom stage or a higher level but he/she has to fulfill his/her responsibilities.
3) Designated tasks: Everyone has to carry out the tasks allotted within the frame work of the Organisation and any deviation is subject to approval by competent authority.
4) Time Frame: Designated person has to complete the job within the stipulated period and any delay has to be properly documented and any problems and issues are to be discussed with his/her superiors and find out a way to complete the task within the next stipulated date.
5) Responsibility: Persons are made responsible for every task and so there is no interference from other quarters and an advice and suggestions can be accepted from all-any new ideas are subject to approval by the competent authority.
6) Performance of each group/person: The performance has to be evaluated at regular intervals and if the performance is not up to the mark or to the expectations of the Organisation the person (s) may be shifted to another task and give him/her a chance to prove their skills and worth and in case there is no improvement, needs to look into the interest and capability of that individual. But neither Organisation work should suffer nor can Organisation wait for that person’s inefficiency. Steps should be taken immediately to shift the tasks to someone else.
7) Additional Tasks: In exceptional and intelligent cases, an individual may be capable of doing multiple tasks and so he/she may be made responsible for carrying out multiple tasks.
8) Move Up: As the Orgnisation grows with renewed methods and procedures there will be a need to upgrade the personnel from their positions to upper level and entrust with higher responsibilities. As he/she can take more responsibilities naturally they will have more ‘say’ in many matters as ultimately they are responsible for the growth of the Organisation.
9) Up Keep: At the end of day, it is the duty of everyone to protect the Dignity, Aims and Objectives of the Organisation to the smallest dot and dash.

Relevance of the above to our Present Proposals

1) The above General Corporate principles are quite applicable in total for Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation and need to be understood properly and make a way to implement for the expansion of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation.
2) “Right man for the Right Job” principle has to be implemented and to do this we need to have “Data Base” of all the members/devotees with complete details including family and jobs with the resources etc.
3) At every stage-Samithi, District and State level, designate the correct person after going through their details from the Data Base (Data Bank).
4) At initial stage we are looking at three levels,
a) ASM (Active Sevadal Member) b) AW (Active Worker) c) Unit (a Family)
5) Each Samithi / Bhajan Mandali, we must look for persons to designate with the above three categories (ASM, AW, Unit)
6) First create a base with this ‘New Structure’ and list out the number in each Samithi and District and get the figures. Some target numbers may also be insisted for Samithi, Bhajan Mandali and total number for a District.
7) Organise Preliminary Camps at District/Zone wise to make them comfortable and instill the idea that they are now part of a “Global Organisation” which has spread in 175 countries. Make their feelings tuned to Spiritual and Service base.
8) List out the Tasks ahead of the Organisation and make some stipulated time period to complete the tasks and allot the tasks and look for progress and give more time in the initial stage.
9) After 3 or 6 months make ‘an Evolution Report’ and submit at the Lotus Feet for Energy and Strength and blessings and Grace.

(There are many glorious Institutions / Corporate Bodies and individual persons whose success stories are preserved for ever and are made learning lessons all over the World. One small example which can be quoted here is the success story of HDFC or ICICI banks which have created history by creeping into society by an extensive human net work and they have proved ‘success is possible’ with right thinking and correct attitude- The principle they follow is “Right Man for the Right Job”)

For further details please contact Sri D Vishnu Vardhan Rao,State Review Team member at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A small seed grows slowly into a huge spreading tree. So too, through little acts, soft words and kind deeds, you can elevate yourself into a Divine Being. The worst action is to do the opposite of what you preach – to deny by the hand what you dole out of your mouth. If you cannot act up to your declarations, be quiet. Do not go about advising others on virtues and advertising yourself as a hypocrite. Do not preach dharma (righteousness) while decrying it in deed. Dharma (Righteousness) is steady, unchanging and never declining; those who do not adhere to it do not decline dharma but themselves. One is judged by practise not by the precepts one pours forth.
- Divine Discourse, Mar 31, 1965


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