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Grama Darshini

 Seva & Bhajan activities at Kommanbavi and Ayyavaarigudem   

As part of 92nd Birthday celebations of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Grama Darshini programme which includes bhajans and seva activities  to be held in 92 villages in Ranga Reddy


As part of birthday celebrations , Saroor Nagar samithi conducted bhajan and seva activities in Kommanbavi & Ayyavarigudem villages on 15 th April 2017.

At Kommanbavi village bhajans were conducted in each and every house concluded them with harathi. Highlight of the village visit being  House Warming ceremony by a woman named Smt.Susheelamma,whose son is a DJP student at Saroor Nagar Samithi. The Samithi has lent a helping hand  to complete the construction of the house  along with painting and other facilities to the house, which was partially constructed by her.  The house is aptly named as Sri Sathya Sai Prema Nilayam.  On the same day bhajan mandali was formed in the village with a convenor Sri.Srisailam. The Village programme was concluded with narayana seva to 275 villagers. 

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The next visit was to Sri Sathya Village Ayyavarigudem in Yacharam(mdl),RR dist. Pallaki procession was  taken out in the village singing bhajans  and concluded with harathi. The special programme in the village being distribution of trash cans to each household and a rickshaw to the village for  trash removal,as part of  "Swachata se Divyata tak  ". There was an active participation of youth,elders and the kids along with samithi incharges  as well as members .

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Jai Sai Ram

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