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Aum Sri Sairam.

By the profound grace and blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Vizianagaram Revenue Division level Bal Vikas gurus training was conducted on 06.08.2017 at Nellimarla Samithi of Vizianagaram District. The District President Sri Ch.D.Ramamohanarao inaugurated the training programme with lightening of holy lamp. Sri S.Papi Naidu, District Education Coordinator, Sri G.Ramakrishna, District Joint Education Coordinator, Sri V.V.S.S.Sunil kumar ratho, Regional Youth Coordinator, Sri V.Kalyan, District youth Coordinator and Sri R.V.K.Durgaprasad , District Vedam Coordinator have participated in this programme.The Zonal Convers & Zonal Bal vikas in charges have also participated. 60 existing gurus and 25 new gurus were attended and the following topics were covered.

S.No.   Topic Dealt by
01 Gr.I,II Vedam-Introduction Sri R.V.K.Durgaprasad, District vedam Coordinator
02 Health & Hygiene Sri G.S.R.Murty, District faculty
03 Spiritual Games Sri T.Sairam, District faculty
04 Geetha Slokams Smt.K.Radhakameswari, District faculty
05 Cultural Programme Nellimarla Samithi B.V.Students
06 Story telling Smt.G.Kamala, Senior Guru
07 Dynamic Value Parenting Sri S.Papi Naidu,DEC

The progamme was concluded by 4.30 pm after taking opinion on the programme by 4 gurus followed with Divya Mangala Harathi to our beloved Swamy.

Report by S.Papi Naidu, District Education Coordinator, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation.

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