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Veterinary Services

There are 64 lakhs species including human in this universe created by the Bhagawan. Vedas are represented as four faithful canines at His Lotus Feet. From Vedic times, different animal species form the faithful servants of various forms of Gods & Goddesses. This only goes further to say that the nature is the limb of God. Service to these dumb and domesticated animals is taken up as an integral part of SRI SATYASAI SEVA ORGANISATIONS since they truly reflect the element of selflessness and remind us of their inherent Divine nature. The various activities that could be taken up range from preventive vaccination, treating various Medical & Surgical cases, advising the farmers on providing clean Drinking water, Animal Health etc. In our villages most of the people depend for their livelihood on domestic animals eg. Cows, buffaloes, bulls, bullocks, sheep, goat etc. health of animals brings wealth to the rural population which promotes health of human community. Hence service to the domestic animals will be of great help in our rural areas. Hence the veterinary service camp has become one of the important integral part in ‘Grama Seva’.

The most important aspects of ‘Veterinary Camps ’ are:
Preventive vaccination against common infectious diseases like Foot and Mouth disease and other infections. The farmers should be educated and motivated on the aspects to provide clean water, clean sheds and environment and nutritious feed and fodder to the animals and Enough care should be taken regarding health of young calves, specially providing adequate mother’s milk to the newborn calves and also Immediate care should be taken to sick animals by approaching nearest veterinary institution or veterinary doctor and have to scrupulously follow preventive measures in arresting spread of the diseases from animal to animal and in certain cases from animal to human.

By the grace of our beloved Lord Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baba our Ranga Reddy District is privileged to have two senior dedicated devotees rendering self less service as and when required in the field of animal husbandry. Sri. Dr. P.V. Punnaiah (94412 21222) & Sri. Dr. B.C. Ramanna (99480 45189) Ably assisted by like minded and service oriented dedicated doctor Sri. Dr. N. Rama Rao (040-23012914) (98663 13950) and the department arranged local doctors also took part in the camps. With the onset of monsoon this year this dedicated veterinarians along with Sri Dr. Rama Rao Garu jumped into service and have rendered their services in organizing the following activities related veterinary camps in our district SSSVIP villages cum Bhajan Mandal Centers / Rural community centre. The details of which are as mentioned below.

Dedicating this service at the lotus feet of our Beloved Bhagavan we all sincerely pray Bhagavan to provide us many more such seva opportunities, give us strength & courage to participate in all the service activities & do our best and finally make us all worthy instruments in his divine mission.