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District office bearers & Samithi Conveners Meeting-2

As per the Action plan for the year 2017, the District office bearers and all Samithi Conveners Meeting was held in Sai Brundavan Samithi, phoolbag, Ayyappa Nagar, Vizianagaram on 19-7-17 (Sunday) from 10 am to 3pm to discuss the activities and preparatory arrangements for the impending PARTI YATRA in July 17.  The program started with Jyoti prajwalana, garlanding Swamy portrait and offering flowers at the lotus feet. A few Bhajans were sung and Mr. Sunil Kumar Ratho invited all the participants. The District President gave inaugural speech. Recently, there was a State conference at Rajhamundry on 4th and 5th and the District Education Coordinator, District Youth Coordinator, District spiritual Coordinator, district jt sevadal coordinator and District Bhajans Coordinator have attended. They revealed the outcome of the State conference and enlightened the participants. The State authorities were quite happy about the activities of Vizianagaram District which is to be taken as an exemplary. They also expressed their happiness about the usage of platform of our website and the Vizianagaram District stands number one out of 44 Districts of AP and Telengana. It was impressed  upon by the State President to put more efforts and take utmost care in providing water under Sujala Sravanti. Also it was mentioned that the school children be attracted to involve them for Seva in the organization. In the field of education, the State Coordinator opined and requested all to increase 10 Balvikas centers, 400 students and 20 Balvikas Gurus in each District and expand the Balvikas activities. Balvikas centers may be opened in Apartments and hostels where we gat more strength of children. Also requested the the Districts to bring the passed out Gr.3 Balvikas students in to Seva and use them. 

In the meeting, it was discussed about the performing spiritual, Seva and Balvikas activities before PARTI YATRA.

The District President has announced the following activities to be undertaken in the District simultaneously before PARTI YATRA in July 17.

1. In every unit, 92 minutes Bhajan must be conducted on 6-4-17.

2. Sanitation work/Cleaning must be undertaken in the villages on 16-4-17.

3. Pallaki Utsavams be conducted on 9-4-17.

4. On 1-5-17, Balvikas Rallies be organized.

5. Narayana Seva to be conducted on 6-5-17.

6. Distribution of Amrut Kalasams should be on 4-6-17.

7. Medical services be provided to poor and consider giving Stitching machine and wet grinders to poor to create employment opportunities on 18-6-17.

8. On 22-6-18, spiritual games and games be conducted for the school students and prizesbe awarded.

9. Veda Pundits be felicitated on 6-7-17.

10. After completing the above activities, start 92-hr Bhajan be completed. 

21 days Akhanda Nama Sankeertan to be started as chain bhajan from 10-6-17 6am and concluded on 31-6-17 at 6am at Om Mandir for which schedule is given to all Conveners to follow strictly.

[23/03, 15:34] Dist Suryarao Archiv: Sri MSatya Rao, District Spiritual Coordinator requested all the Conveners to administer 92 days DEEKSHALU for PARTI YATRA, perform SAI Gayatri Homam, Tandularchana, Samoohika SAI Vratalu, Kumkum puja, likhata nama Japam, Narayana Seva, daily chant Sai Gayatri, conduct study circle on thebasis of Swamy speeches and felicitate old devotees.

Sri S Papinaidu, District Education Coordinator requested all the Conveners to conduct Balvikas Rallies, open Balvikas centers, perform Tandularchana, Padapuja by Balvikas children to parents, adopt children for providing education, give bus passes to children and felicitate Balvikas Gurus. He also requested to conduct summer training classes for Balvikas students. He said, 28 new Gurus were identified and they were informed to conduct Balvikas classes by utilizing their services in new centers. 

District Sevadal Coordinator requested all conveners to create employment among poor by providing sewing machines and grinders with the earnings on COD.

Sri RVK Durga Prasad, District Veda Coordinator requested to download app and listen to Veda training for 1.30 mts. Resource persons are to be selected to train the devotees on reciting vedam. He told, Veda must be recited before Bhajan. There will be a Veda reciting by 50000 people in Sai Kulwant Hall on 20th and 21st Nov. Of this year for which we have to prepare ourselves to learn Veda and participate at Prashanti.

District Youth Coordinator Mr. Kalyan talked about the role of youth in the organization and explained about Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyoti program in the District. He requested all the Conveners to involve the youth and observe every 3rd Sunday as YOUTH day with Seva activities. He explained as to how to fill up the SAI ONE registration form.

The State Coordinator for Prashanti services Mr Subbarao was invited to speak on the occasion about Seva. He narrated and requested all to follow rules and regulations of the organization while doing Seva at Prashanti. He explained about the importance of scarf. He wanted the Conveners to arrange classes to brief the Sevadal before they go for Prashanti Seva. Also insisted the office bearers and Conveners to give traing on disaster 


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