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District Level Balvikas Gurus Training Camp

As per the Action plan for the year 2017, the 'District level Balvikas Gurus Training Camp was conducted at OM Mandir by the District organization on 26th Feb.17 from 10 am to 4 PM with utmost interest and dedication. The program was to update and upgrade the techniques in teaching to Balvikas students by the Gurus. The program started with Prasanthi flag hoisting by the District President Sri CD Rama mohana Rao. Jyoti prajwalana was done by Kumari Y Padmaja Garu, State Balvikas Coordinator. The District Education Coordinator Sri S Papinaidu invited all the guests and explained the main aim of the program. He narrated about the organization rules and regulations. Also talked about the qualifications one should possess in the organization. He explained the participants vividly about the aims of the organization. Sri RVK Durga Prasad, District lib I/C took up a class about 5 elements that are related to human body. Sri SGK Raju Garu, a senior faculty explained the participants in regard to residential balvikas, rural balvikas, urban balvikas, school balvikas and slum area balvikas. The District President addressed the gathering and shown his concern as how to take and improve Balvikas?  He impressed upon the participants to go unitedly, work together and improve Balvikas. The Balvikas students are dwindling in number from Gr.I to Gr.III compared. All should reach and join in Gr. III without gap. He noticed that when 30 are there in Gr.I, only 3 attends in Gr.III. He wanted all the Gurus and education coordinators to share their ideas for the improvement of Balvikas.

Kumari Yadavilli Padmaja Garu, State Education Joint Coordinator enlightened the participants about 5 teaching techniques and aim of Balvikas. Education process designed by Bhagawan was explained by her through power point presentation. She talked about silent sitting, prayers, group singing, story telling and group activities. She also spoken on concentration of energy, thoughts and mind, clarity in thoughts, consistency in behavior, application and calmness in activities. Also she taught about purpose of prayers, 5Ps etc.

Sri GSR Murty, State faculty explained about Human Values, 5Ds, 5 elements and 5 VIKASALU. Sri T Sairam conducted spiritual games and brought awareness about cooperation and coordination between each other. Mr. Kalyan, District Youth Coordinator explained the participants about Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyoti program.He requested all to undertake medical check ups for balvikas children, supply Sai protein food, conduct competitions and school balvikas. The survey process and selecting a school for Vidya Jyoti was explained by him.

The Balvikas students of Om Mandir presented a musical dance program in between the program during the recess time. 72 Balvikas students who passed Group-III and got certificates in Allumini at Prashanti were felicitated with mementos and handed them over to the concerned Conveners as pre-sevadal. Feedback was collected from a few Balvikas Gurus and some suggestions were received. The programs concluded with offering divya mangala Harathi to Bhagawan.

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