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Dist. Review Meeting (24-12-17)

With divine’s grace and infinite love of Bhagawan Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Vizianagaram District has conducted a quarterly review meeting of the District with its office bearers and Conveners of all Samithis on 24-12-2017 from 10 am to 3 pm at Om Mandir to take the situation of the seva activities.  The District President reviewed the activities in all wings and interacted with all the Conveners and Office bearers.

To start with, the meeting started with jyoti prajwalana, garlanding Swamy and offering flowers at the lotus feet by all the participants.  Sri S Papi Naidu, Dist. Education Coordinator anchored the entire program.

The District President Sri CD Rama Mohana Rao addressed all the Conveners and District office bearers and explained about the aim of the conducting quarterly review meetings.  He said, an ANNUAL PLAN for the year 2018 has been chalked out and made ready as we have been doing it since 2013 as a convention.  He expressed his happiness about the celebrations of 92nd Birthday of Bhagawan  by all the units in the District with much spirituality coupled with seva.  He opined that we must owe to Bhagawan for the opportunity given to us.  He also explained all the participants about the celebrations Swamy’s Birthday in SAI Kulwaant Hall, Puttaparthy in an eye feasting and grand manner. He said, the Central Trust of Sri Sathya Sai Organization has spent 200 crores of rupees for which the Central Trust has submitted the audited annual report to the devotees.  The money comes, not seeing our faces, but love, affection and devotion towards Baba.  Every paisa must be accounted for.  He requested all the Samithi Conveners to be very much transparent as far as income and expenditure is concerned.  When a Bhajan Mandali is upgraded to the level of Samithi, it is implied that how much responsibility is being given to it by Bhagawan.  Samithi should not be demeaned/de-graded once it is upgraded.  So, all must work with dedication and devotion. He offered his services whenever required by the Conveners.  He further requested all the Conveners to nominate/select 1+ 8 office bearers immediately and inform the District office.  He also expressed his aim to visit all the Samithis in the next year 2018.  Now, conducting Sadhana camps are planned and enlisted in our activities report for implementation. He gave awareness about Sadhana camps and insisted the Speakers to speak on particular given topic to them and not to deviate from the topic.

All the Samithi Conveners have submitted their report of spiritual, Seva and Balvikaas activities that are accomplished during the last quarter. They said, they performed 5-day long celebrations. They have also submitted the details of seva activities about recent celebrations of 92nd Birthday of Bhagawan  Baba.

The Zonal Conveners also spoke on the occasion.  They also discussed their problems and took advice from the District President.  They told that all the Units in their Zones are vigorously working and the seva activities are going on as usual.  A request came from Zone-V that the District Office bearers should also take the responsibility and visit the Samithis for up-liftment of the Samithi.

The District President has made some changes in the Administration at District level for smooth running.  The following persons are nominated to be the posts mentioned against their names.

Sri G Rama Krishna, Radio Sai In-charge (besides his original position of District Joint Education Coordinator.

Sri VVSS Sunil Kumar Ratho, District Joint Spiritual Coordinator (besides his original position of District Bhajans in-charge)

Sri A V Prabhakara Rao, District SSVIP in-charge.

Sri P J Naidu, District NSJY in-charge.

Sri K V Satyanarayana, Zone-III Zonal Convener

The Dist. President made an announcement that there are 46 District Office bearers.  The District has got 34 Mandals.  The District office bearers are drafted to Mandals under their areas and to visit the concerned Samithis/BMs for inculcating more and more interest to participate in Seva and proceed further.  The following are given the responsibilities. 

  1. Vizianagaram (Urban)     -        Sri S Papinaidu, DEC
  2. Vizianagaram (Rural)      -        Sri Sri VVSS Sunil Kumar Ratho
  3. Bhogapuram, Denkada and Pusapatirega-NV Ramana and G Rama Krishna
  4. Mentada                -        -       Sri A V Prabhakara Rao
  5. Kothavalasa          -        -        Sri P Netaji Naidu
  6. L Kota                                     Sri D Veera Raju
  7. S Kota                             -      Sri V Krishna
  8. Bondapalli                       -       Sri U Venkatesh
  9. Vepada                           -       Sri G  Nagabhushana Rao
  10. Jami                                -      Sri K S Sai Kumar
  11. Gantyada                        -       Sri P J Naidu
  12. Garividi                           -       Sri R V K Durga Prasad
  13. Chipurupalle                    -       Sri MV Ramana Murty
  14. Gurla                              -       Sri Sanyasinaidu
  15. Parvatipuram                  _        Sri D Laxmana Rao
  16. Kurupam                         -        Sri M Srinivaa Rao
  17. Garugubilli                      -        Sri R Chinna Rao
  18. Komarada                       -        Sri YRV Ganapathi Rao
  19. Jiyyammavalasa              -        Sri G Achuta Rao

(Note:- Zone-4 will be divided and allotted to the District office bearers shortly)

The District President unveiled and released the ANNUAL PlLAN of activities for the year 2018 and distributed the copies to all the Conveners for implementation.

As per the novel idea of Mr. G Ramakrishna, Dt. Balvikas Joint Coordinator, monthly activities Diary has been designed for submission of reports by the Conveners every month.  The Diary was released jointly by Sri S Papinaidu, Dist. Education Coordinator and Sri G Ramakishna. 

Sri S Papi Naidu explained all the Conveners about the YEAR PLAN-2018.  He said, 29 Sadhana Camps were planned to be conducted by the Samithis.  29 topics were also given in the plan.  Awareness should be bought among the devotees about 9-point code of conduct given to us by SWAMY.  The training camps on VEDAM and BHAJANS are to be conducted in all the 5 Zones.  The Study Circles must be arranged to be conducted at least once in a month at Samithi levels.  He wanted the Conveners to read the instructions given at the foot note of the plan, follow them and implement the spiritual programs strictly. He further requested to arrange Parent Contact Programs as many as possible, maintain spiritual diary in Mandir and explain as to how to prepare and fill the columns of it.

The District President intervened and requested all the Conveners to submit the reports regularly to the District office so that the half yearly consolidated report would be sent to State Organization.  He enlightened the importance of Sadhana Camps and hence they are planned and kept in Action Plan as the State President issued a Circular No.55 to conduct at Bhajan Mandali level, Samithi level, District level and State level.  There would be a Sadhana Camp at Srikakulam on 18-02-2018 for which the District office bearers and Samithi Conveners are to attend the camp.  Another Sadhana Camp is also being arranged at Parthi for the District Presidents on 12-01-2018.  There is a plan for conducting a Sadhana Camp for the 1+8 office bearers and Conveners of Bhajana Mandalis during March’18.

Sri M Satya Rao, Dist. Spiritual Coordinator explained about the spiritual activities that were held during the last quarter and before Parthi Yatra.  He requested all Conveners to conduct 3 more Sadhana camps at Samithi level though one is allotted by the District.  But 4 Sadhana camps are required to be conducted in a year. 

The District Education Coordinator Sri S Papinaidu talked over Balvikas activities.  He requested all the Samithis to perform Balvikas Seva day on 25-12-18, using banners and make it successful.  OM Mandir brought out a Calendar for 2018 and it is released by our District President, offered at the lotus feet and distributed to all the participants.

Mr. Kalyan Viswanath, Dist. Youth Coordinator has also spoken on the occasion about the youth activities and felt happiness for the services rendered by the youth.  He said, every Samithi should appoint a Youth coordinator.  Youth must be encouraged for Parthi seva during the ensuing April’18 services at Parthi.  He further said that so far, 9 Youth Vikas programs for students were done.  He stressed the point to read the books/Sai literature written by Prof. Anil Kumar by the youth..

Sri JS Mohana Rao, District Sevadal Coordinator spoke on SEVA activities and deployment of Sevadal for Parthi from our District.  By Bhagawan’s grace, we are meeting the requirement of sevadal but there should not be any deficiency, drawbacks and shortcomings in our trials for timely sending sevadal to Parthi since some Samithis are not at all providing Sevadal.  He requested all the Conveners to please take utmost care without neglecting the issue, do hard work, coordinate with Zonal coordinators and District office bearers and other BMs and do with love, serve and do jointly for successful completion of our deployment of sevadal for Parthi services.

The District President made an announcement that ‘VESAVI VENNALA’ program for the DJP students will be done.  One program has been allotted to OM Mandir.  The DJP students from other District will come to OM Mandir for the said program.  The meeting was concluded by offering Divya Mangala Harathi to Bhagawan.

Reported by:- Ch Surya Rao, District Archives Coordinator. M-9490885577

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