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Dist. Reiew Meeting with Office bearers and Samithi Conveners

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Vizianagaram District has conducted a Quarterly Review Meeting with its Office bearers and all Samithi Conveners on 16-10-2016 from 10 am to 3 pm in the premises of Shiridi Sai temple, Phase-II of Vuda Colony under the gesture of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, VUDA Colony, Vizianagaram.  The Meeting was started with Bhajan, jyoti prajwalana, garlanding Swamy Portrait and offering flowers at the lotus feet by the participants.  Sri S Eswara Rao, Youth Coordinator of VUDA Samithi invited all the guests.  At the outset, the District President Sri CD Rama Mohana Rao invited all the Zonal Conveners and Dist. Bhajans i/c Sri Sunil Ratho to the dais.  The Dist. President explained about the importance of quarterly meetings that are being conducted as per out action plan for the year 2016.  He asked Sri S Papi Naidu, Dist. Education Coordinator to speak initially.  Mr. Papi Naidu explained that action has been taken to distribute SAI protein food packets to the slum area Balvikas students with the cooperation of Samithi Conveners.  He requested our Dist. President to launch the scheme of distribution at this occasion.  Accordingly, he launched the scheme and distributed 43 packets of protein food to slum area Balvikas students under VUDA Samithi.

Mr. M Satya Rao, District Spiritual Coordinator was asked to explain about the spiritual activities.  He submitted his report of activities during the last 3 months.  He expressed his happiness about the spiritual programs being conducted by the Samithis.  He requested all the Samithi Conveners to conduct Samoohika Sai Vratamulu, Sadhana Camps, Processions, Pallaki seva, distribution of clothes and Narayana seva vigorously before SWAMY’s birthday.  At this point, the District President insisted upon  all office bearers, Conveners, Spiritual i/cs, Balvikas Gurus and Sevadal i/cs to visit Samithis/Bhajan Mandalis to get good results.

Mr. Sunil Ratho, Dist. Bhajans i/c explained the pattern, rules and regulations for conducting Bhajans, Paduka Bhajans and house-hold bhajans to be followed and requested all Conveners to follow strictly the BHAJANAVALI and sing in the style of Prashanti Bhajans and ask the singers to sing only small bhajans.  He mentioned that 6 singers from the District are being sent to TTD on their request to teach them Bhajans singing.  This was held at Tirupati on 25th, 26th and 27th Oct. 16.

Sri S Papi Naidu, Dist. Education i/c submitted his 3 months report.  He felt happy that with the cooperation and support of Samithi Education Coordinator, the Balvikas classes are being conducted smoothly.  He said, Sign Boards are also placed at the Balvikas centers.  Total 644 Balvikas Group-I students in the District who passed have been issued with Certificates.  The Balvikas students also performed Balvikas formation day and arranged medical check-ups for the students on 18-9-16.  He requested to submit the details of Group-III students for issuance of certificates by the All India President at Prashanti on 7th, 8th and 9th Jan. 17 at the ALUMNI function.  He further stated that total 72 Balvikas Group-III students (50 girls and 22 boys) have undertaken project work on different spiritual topics in English and Telugu.  Out of 72, 22 project works were done exclusively by Buripeta Samithi students.  He submitted that Sadhana camp conducted for Balvikas Gurus, 9 Balvikas slum area centers and school Balvikas centers at 16 schools were opened and functioning smoothly.  In the coming 3 months, he explained the plan of action – to distribute SAI protein food, translating education plan from English to Telugu and convey, distribute SAI literature to the parents of Balvikas students in November, organizing study circles for Balvias Gurus and observing 25th Dec. as Balvikas Seva day.  He further requested the Conveners to submit the list of Balvikas candidates for Group-II examination likely to be conducted in Jan”17.  At this point of time, the District President intrudes and told that the Balvikas is the backbone to the organization and still we should try and go forward to develop the Balvikas children.  He opined that the Balvikas students should be permitted to sing at Samithi Bhajans and encourage them.  He also requested the Conveners to involve the Balvikas students for seva, make them pre-sevadal and not to keep them away, induct them slowly into the activities and Bhajans at Samithi level.  He appreciated the project works done by Balvikas Gr.III students and asked the participants to go through the project report available in District office.  He further stressed the need to start immediately the school Balvikas at which the schools were identified to start VIDYA JYOTI PROGRAM.  14 schools were identified for Vidya Jyoti program.  Balvikas classes must be started at all these 14 schools, if not started.  He emphasized the need of wearing scarf with badge while doing any service in the organization and the photos must be IN-ACTION but not posing for photo sake.

Mr. M Satyanarayana, Dist. Sevadal i/c has submitted his report.  He gave guidelines regarding Prashanti seva.  He explained about the deployment of sevadal batch-wise for Nov. seva.  For Jan.17 seva at Prashanti, the requirement is 120.  The District President requested all the Conveners to cooperate with Dist. Sevadal i/c and plan accordingly.

Mr. G Anjaneyulu, Advisor shared his experiences in the organization and encouraged the Conveners to make plans and opined that a school building must be constructed at Vizianagaram for which his support will always be there.

The District President explained the participants about the Mobile Medical Van.  The Van is in completing stage at the workshop, Chennai.  This mobile van is likely to be inaugurated initially before SWAMY at Prashanti Nilayam on 21-11-2016.  After bringing the Van to Vizianagaram, the opening function will be held.   A Committee consisting of Sri Papi Naidu, Netaji Naidu and Mr. Kalyan was formed to prepare the Action Plan for the year-2017.  He requested all the Conveners to suggest any changes, any new programs to be included and inform the committee accordingly.

The Dist. Youth Coordinator Mr. Kalyan Viswanath explained that the DIST YOUTH CONFERENCE was held in July at Sreeramnagar very successfully in a grand manner with the fullest cooperation of all Samithis Youth.  Many youth have attended the conference.  About 340 youth (new) are ready to join the organization.  They are to be engaged in the wings of Seva, Parthi Seva and Balvikas and make them involved and encouraged.  He requested all Conveners to submit the list of office bearers (1+8) for office requirement and to inform the Dist. Body the changes if any immediately. 

The Zonal Conveners from Zone-I, III, IV and V read out their report of activities in their concerned zone.  They expressed their happiness for the cooperation being extended by all the Samithi Conveners.All the programs are nicely taken up as per the Dist. Plan and sevadal are being sent for Prashanti seva as per the requirement.  The Zone-V Convener said, it was not in full swing for deployment to Parthi seva previously but now the villagers are very keen and showing interest to participate in Parthi seva.

Sri K Surya Prakasa Rao, Dist Legal Aid Coordinator also spoken on the occasion.  He narrated how a problem was solved at Parvatipuram Samithi.  He requested all the Samithi Conveners to please utilize his legal services freely and help the poor.

Mr. Chandrasekhar, Dist. i/c for permanent structures requested all the Conveners to inform him about the construction of temples.  Sri P Venugopal Rao, Dist. Study Circles i/c told that the conducting study circles are not up to the mark and there is a much lacuna which is to be refurbished.  He opined, the Samithi Conveners must invariably take special interest for conducting the study circles.  They should know the pattern of conducting such classes.  At this point, the District President advised Mr. Venugopala Rao to visit Samithis, participate and train them.

The Conveners of Pradeepnagar, Vantaram, Parvatipuram, Buripeta, Chipurupalli, Ravivalasa and VUDA Colony have submitted their activities of their respective Samithis.  They talked about Balvikas wing, Vidya Jyoti program, school Balvikas, Narayana seva, distribution of stationery items to poor students, and providing fees and clothes.  The Vantaram Convener made a remarkable comment that the devotees of their Samithi who participate in SEVA are living very happily as they are well settled by the grace of Bhagawan.

The Dist. Mahila Coordinator Smt. Vijayalaxmi spoken about the All India Mahila Conference recently held at Parthi.

The Dist. President announced 3 changes of Dist. Office bearers in the organization. Sri Durga Prasada Rao has been nominated to the Dist. Vedam Coordinator, Sri Ramakrishna to be the Dist. Joint Education i/c and Sri K Venkata Rao is made office in-charge.

Sri Eswara Rao expressed vote of thanks and the meeting was concluded with offering Divya Mangala Harathi to Bhagawan by Kothavalasa Convener.

Reported by:- Ch Surya Rao, Dist. Archives Coordinator. M-9490885577

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