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College 2 Corporate Program-Shivam-10-11th Oct 2015

Inspired by the yeomen service of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the youth wing of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, Hyderabad, had conducted a free two day skill building workshop titled "College 2 Corporate." This program was organized on Oct 10 and 11th, 2015, and targeted 2nd to final year B-Tech students from about 50 colleges. The ultimate goal of the program was to make the students corporate ready; i.e. make them more professional.

Dr. N. Sai Baba, eminent and distinguished scientist, chairman and chief executive of the Nuclear Fuel Complex, was the honorary chief guest. The chief guest urged students to stay focused and pursue their academic and professional goals with tremendous intensity. "He said there is no shortcut to career growth. One has to learn to toil hard day and night to make things happen and to make good progress in careers at corporate." He was delighted to see fellow youth helping each other.

Dr N Sai Baba chief guest scientist1

The two day session was well attended by about 300 B.Tech students. "We loved the interactivity and the deep insights" said some of the students. Many were impressed by the genuine sense of Seva that was being provided by the Sai youth. "They were so kind and brotherly... that they even provided us with sumptuous Lunch and Tea" said some. Many also liked the unique exhibits, cultural programs, Music, Skits & videos. "The 3G skit inspired me" said a student who understood how today's phone apps are distracting the youth from their life goals.

students attending the sessions at sivam

Overall there were nearly a half-a-dozen speakers: Mr. Sai Prasad Vishwanathan talked about how he did not let his own physical disability stop him. He motivated students by talking about his engineering days and how he broke world records. He is now a senior consultant in a well known MNC. Mr. Dinakar Kadam, a well known corporate trainer, spoke about Collaborative skills. Mr. Gopi Krishna, a C-level business leader, trained the students with great energy on communication skills. Mr. Raghava, an HR leader, spoke about expectations of the industry and Corporate HR. Mr. Sai Gollapudi, a international business consultant, spoke about thinking skills and planning for sustainable success. Mr. Raju Goteti, a VP, flew in to talk about thinking tools at the workplace. And, finally, the session ended with an inspiring talk on self confidence by Mr. Mallesh.

students giving a standing ovation during the   sessions

The uniqueness of this program lay in their approach to this professional skill building. The Sai youth did not just focus on the currently popular "soft skills only" training but did their research and included Cognitive skills (also known as thinking skills) as well into the program. The training sessions dwelt upon Higher Order Thinking (HOT) skills like critical & analytical thinking, problem solving, evaluation, synthesis etc. The Sai youth organizers said "Our aim was to catch students early in college and build up their awareness. As responsible members of the community, with a sense of brotherly love, we wanted to help our fellow youth from local colleges on these less taught concepts," said  another sai  youth organizer.

Mr. Sarvothamudu, Vice President  of the Sathya Sai seva organizations, Telangana  stated that organization is happy to support youth in these community serving activities. He said that "Swami has taught us to love all and serve all. He role modelled ideals and motivated us to live a life of good personal and national character." "We are here to serve His mission”. We believe that “service to humanity is service to god, and that hands that help are holier than lips that pray" said Mr. Sesha Sai, the District President of the Hyderabad Sai Organization.

When asked about their expectations from the students, the Sai youth organizers replied that they did not organize this program with any expectations and wanted it to be genuinely useful and hoped that the program added value to aspiring young students.  Apparently, they were inspired by their spiritual Master - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba - and did this as part of their selfless service activities. With such noble activities being conducted by today's youth, we can be rest assured that India's future is in good hands.

-Report by K Ramana Reddy, State Youth Coordinator, Cell no: 9849058444, email: 

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