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Chalivendram seva at Guntakal

By the Divine Blessing and Grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the SSSS Samithi, Guntakal started chalivendram (summer water and butter milk camp) seva at Guntakal on 28th March 2015.

The programme started in the morning at 11 a.m. with bhajan. Later the chief guest, Sri Ch Ravi Kumar DSP, Guntakal, inaugurated the chalivendram. The inaugural function ended with mangala harathi to Bhagawan.

Being Sree Rama Navami, initially the traditional prasadam i.e. vadapappu and panakam was served to the public. The chalivendram is located on the main road in front of a milk parlour run by Sri Sridhar Babu. The notable feature of this chalivendram is serving of cold and flavoured butter milk. Half of the cost of rupees one thousand is borne by Sri Sridhar Babu towards the daily expenditure of butter milk preparation. He is also providing venue in front of his shop for sheltering the butter milk distribution centre. The curd is processed into cold and flavoured butter milk periodically during the distribution between 11 a.m and 3 p.m. daily by the sevadal volunteers to poor people such as hamalis, and floating population.

Ten sevadal volunteers including mahila volunteers are participating in this seva, every day.

Chalivendram seva by Balvikas students:

Smt Vimala, Balvikas teacher is organising a chalivendram every Thursday at RTC bus stand, Guntakal. Twenty five liters of butter milk is distributed by Balvikas students at this venue to the bus passengers.

Report: G Dhanunjaya. Coordinator - Archives, Ananthapur dist. Mobile no: 94403 84107.


Chalivendram at busy road



 Sri Ch. Ravi Kumar, DSP, inaugurating the chalivendram



Mangala harathi



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