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Ceiling on Desires (COD) Meet in Ranga Reddy District

Meeting on awareness on Ceiling on Desire (cod) programme in Rangareddy District.


COD meet has been held in Ranga Reddy District on 27-10-2013.With reference to the SP Circular No. 50. Sri Y.Srinivas President AP Grama Seva Trust has conducted the proceedings. Apart from sevadal and devotees, District President Sri P.Rama kuchel, Sri Hariharan State Review Committee Member, Sri B.C.Rammana Executive District President, Sri Annath Reddy District COD Coordinator, Smt Chandra Kala District Maahila in charge, and other District coordinators, Zonal Cooridnators,Samithi Convener’s and Bajana Mandali Conveners  have participated. The programmes begin at 9.00 AM by joythi prajwalana and ended at 1.30 PM

Dr.Ramanna spoke on the points namely, 1) aims, 2) objectives 3) stories narrated by Swamy 4) Responsibility in implementation of the programme at the level of  individual, family and samithi levels 5)Importance of COD and 6) played SWAMY audio related to COD.

Sri Y.Srinivas explained to the members the significance of COD and tools to be used in the form of calendar and submit the progress at the lotus feet of Bhagwan BABA.




              JAI SAI RAM

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