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Aum Sri Sairam

Sri Sathya Sai Medical Services

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Andhra Pradesh has been rendering medical help to hundreds of villagers in all the districts and apart from Mobile Medical services weekly camps and monthly camps are being conducted in all the major Samithis. Several doctors have been doing 'self-less' service in these medical camps and this folder contains the doctors' details  who have been helping the Organisation since a long time and it is a small effort to publish the doctors names and highlight the noble services of these doctors.



Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, West Godavari District have started free medical services on 6.1.1994.

During the inauguration of Vijaya Durga Nursing Home, Tadepalligudem, Dr. R. Durgadas announced that he allotted permanently one room for the patients who identified in various medical camps conducted by the organization.  He started surgeries in 1994 at free of cost in his own nursing home and by 25.5.2013, he completed  400 surgeries.

Dr. Durga Das has done  400  surgeries like Hernia, Hydrocele, Lipoma,  Hemorrhoids Piles, Abscess, Anal Fisnune and Anal Fistula, Fibroadenosis, Cesarean, and other types of gynic  procedures.  280 women and  120  men were benefitted so far.   With Bhagawan’s Divine Grace, all surgeries are successful.  No surgery failed. 

Dr Durga Rao

Local Samithi members both gents and ladies are rendering service to all patients from the date of joining to date of discharge. Sevadal members attending the patients  providing food, water, washing of patients’ cloths. Patients who have not having blankets have been provided.  

Besides above, from 2004-2006, on every Sunday free clinic is being organized by Dr. R. Durgadas with local doctors viz. Dr. Kosuri Ravi, MBBS, Dr. Y. Muralidhar, MBBS, Dr. Y. Muralidhar, MBBS, Dr. Kosuri Srilatha, M.D. Dr. P. Shammi Rani, MBBS, DGO, Dr. Ch. Padmin, MBBS. Free medicines given to all patients. In recent visits to West Godavari District, Sri S.G. Chalam, S.P. informed Dr. Durga Das to perform  surgeries at Ch. Pothepalli Hospital also.

2) Dr Surendra, Ortho Surgeon, Siddipet

Doctors of Siddhartha Hospital siddipet are participating in Mobile Hospital S.S.S.M.H. from 2006 under direction of    Dr. Narasimhan. This programme is an extension of Bhagawan's Mobile Hospital Services.

Dr SurendraSiddartha Hospital-Siddipet


Siddhartha Hospital holds every month last Sunday camp for physically challenged persons. First camp was inaugurated by the state President Sri.Chalam on 30th January 2011. Till today 163 surgeries were done for 141 patients(See Cases in PDF ) and also providing medicines, bus passes, calipers and they also conduct Balavikas classes for some beneficiaries by Bhagawan Baba’s blessings.










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