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bhajan training at jarajapupeta

As scheduled in the District Action Plan for the year 2017, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Jarajapupeta, Zone-III of Vizianagaram District has conducted Workshop on Bhajans on 8-1-2016 from 10 am to 4 pm with much devotion.  The faculty and the District Bhajans Coordinator Mr. Sunil Kumar Ratho has imparted training to 50 singers and taught them about singing of Bhajans with proper LAYA, SRUTHI and TALAM.  Sri M Satya Rao, District Spiritual Coordinator has addressed the gathering and enlightened them about spiritual SADHANA.  Mr. Kalyan Viswanath, Dist. Youth Coordinator spoke on the occasion and insisted upon the youth to come forward, involve in SAI activities and have divine blessings of Bhagawan Baba.

Reported by:- Ch Surya Rao, DAI. M-9490885577

bhajan workshop


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