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Balvikas Summer Camp-Safilguda

Aum Sri Sairam



Balvikas Summer Camp-2017

 With pranams at the lotus feet of our lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba varu. Safilguda Samithi took up summer class activities in its jurisdiction during the month of May 2017. Out of the 12 Balvikas centers in the Samithi, 6 balvikas centers took up the activity at their convenient time  in which more than 120 Balvikas children took  part.

They were exposed to various types of activities like reciting of Omkaram, slokas, sarvagayathri , lingastakam, sivopasana mantras, hanuman chalisa etc under spiritual category besides preparation of various models from waste paper material like greeting cards, garlands, pen stand, hangings, jeweler boxes, bangles etc etc. as part of educational wing activities. Matru pooja activity and  children enjoyed gorintaku on their hands during some special events on mother’s day. As part of service wing activities, the children actively took part in the water camp schedule during the entire month distributing water and butter milk at Narasimha Reddy Nagar area. 

An important aspect of this camp was that out of the 120 odd children who took part in the activity between the age group of around 5 to 12 years, around 50% of them were newcomers who actively took part in both spiritual and service activities. During the course, parents also took active part alongwith the children in preparation of models and depicts, some of which are attached with this note for the reader top enjoy and share with one and all.

A certificate distribution program was organized on 3rd June 2017 in which a maximum number of children were distributed certificates while the rest have been handed over to the concerned Balvikas guru’s to do the needful.

On the day of certificate distribution, parents who had come to witness the show  appreciated the guru’s to mould the child in the right direction and wanted such classes to be taken up at regular intervals.

The devotees of Safilguda Samithi offer their humble salutations to Bhagawan Baba for giving them such a wonderful opportunity to be part of the event and seek his grace and blessings to be useful tools of his in His Divine Mission

-Report by Sethuraman, 9399973565,   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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