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BalaVikas Gurus Training-09/09/2017-Amadalavalasa

With divine blessings of Bhagawan baba varu, the two days  ‘BALA VIKAS GURUS TRAINING” programme conducted by Sri Satya Sai Seva Samithi, Amadalavalasa on 09.09.2017 and 10.09.2017 at Sri Sai Satyanarayana Kalyana Mandapam, Amadalavalasa. The programme started with flag hoisting and Jyothi Prajvalana by the guests. The programme conducted as per the following scheduled items.

S.No Duration Item Conducted by
1 9.00 AM to 9.30 AM Registration
2 9.30 AM to 11.0 AM Inauguration Sri M.Ravindrababu, Zonal convenor of Amadalavalasa zone. Sri G.Ramanababu, District President, Sri R.Laxmana Rao, State Vice-president, Sri P.Prasada Rao, State joint spiritual co-ordinator, Sri M.Shanmukha Rao, State joint co-ordinator for seva wing.
3 11.00 AM to 11.30 AM Balavikas for National Development Kum Y.Padmaja
4 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM Human values Dr DSD Syamala
5 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM Bhaja Govindam Sri Madhusudhana Rao, State co-ordinator for Education wing
6 2.15 PM to 3.15 PM Coordination of All religions Smt R.Madhavi, Co-ordinator Education wing, Guntur district
7 3.15 PM to 4.15 PM Ceiling on Desires-Family responsibility Smt K.Sai Aruna, State Co-ordinator for Education wing
8 4.45 PM to 5.45 PM Bhagawadgeetha Sri Uma Maheswara Rao, Cheerala
9 5.45 PM to 6.45 PM Question our Sri M.Janardhana Rao, District SSVJ incharge, Srikakulam
10 6.45 PM to 8.00 PM Cultural programmes Sri K.Suresh Kumar, Dist. Balavikas resourse person,Srikakulam
1 8.30 AM to 9.00 PM Parenting Smt R.Madhavi
2 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM Indian Culture Sri M.S.Prakasha Rao, State Cultural activities incharge
3 10.00 AM to 11.30 AM Vedamu – Gayatri Sri Regalla Anil Kumar, State Spiritual co-ordinator
4 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM Thought – Time – Breath Smt P.Sudharani, Dist Balavikas co-ordinator, Srikakulam
5 12.30 PM Harathi to Bhagawan

 A. Total of 150 gurus attended to the programme from all over the district. Certificates are issued to all the  trained gurus. Somephotos submitted to the feet of Bhagawan

Report by: R.Kishor, Dist. IT co-ordinator, Srikakulam, Phone:8332041839

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