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Bal Vikas Day Celebrations by BHEL Samithi

Children are the embodiments of Love and God – Baba.

With the blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, “Bal Vikas Day” which is a part of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba 90th Birthday Celebrations, started with a divine note at Sri Sathya Sai Mandir, BHEL, RR Dist on 9th August 2014. Balvikas Day programs began with Omkaram, Suprabhatam, Nagarasankeerthana, followed by Sri Satya Sai Sahasra Namarchana, Padukarchana, Service activities in which the budding children participated enthusiastically. Later in the evening the program began with Omkaram, recitation of Bal Vikas Slokas and chanting of Vedic Hymns followed by Bhajans by the children of Bal Vikas. The Bal Vikas children spoke enthusiastically on the role of Mother, Namasmarana, Seva and Bhagawan Divine Mission followed by dance drama and a play. Dist coordinatiors samithi convenr and samithi office bearers and devotees participated with fervor and gaiety.

Reported By: M.Somasundaram, DAI, SSSSO, Rangareddy district. – 9391385738


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