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Audit-Mobile Hospital Services & DFL Plants-Hyderabad


Aum Sri Sairam


 Minutes of the review meeting on the Mobile Medical Activity

 Held at Sivam on the 8th December 2012,

 With Pranams at the lotus feet of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a review and audit meeting on the ongoing mobile medical activity in Hyderabad District was held on 8th December 2012 in the afternoon from 3pm onwards at Sivam, Hyderabad. The meeting was attended by     Sri R Laxman Rao, State Service Co-Ordinator, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Andhra Pradesh alongwith Dr. Abhijit, Doctor Incharge for the Mobile Medical Activity in Hyderabad and Sri A Vasudeva Rao, District Service Co-Ordinator, Hyderabad. Other members included the District President of Hyderabad Sri MVR Sesha Sai, Sri G Bhaskar Rao, Incharge, State Mobile Medical Activity, Dr.Krishna Kumar, State Techno Group and Mobile Medical coordinator besides these members all the three cluster in charges and active members involved with the activity in three different clusters.

 In his introduction, Dr. Krishna Kumar briefed the members on the ongoing activity at three different clusters namely, Nemla cluster of Rajapet Mandal, Nalgonda District, Nandivanaparthi cluster of RR district and Anajpur cluster of Medak District. The mobile medical activity taken up in all the three clusters were explained in a nutshell giving the details of the activity initiated in 2011 along with the details of additional activity taken up in the form of mother and child care in one of the villages attached to Nemla cluster. After his address, Dr. Krishna Kumar invited each of the cluster coordinators to give an account of the activity in their respective clusters.

 To start with, cluster coordinator Shri B.Narayana of Nemla cluster explained the details of activity taken up in his cluster in Nalgonda district. The activity in this cluster was initiated on 29th May 2011 at Nemla village of Rajapet mandal. The activity has been taken up by eight samithi’s attached to the cluster on every second Sunday of the month. The Samithi’s attached to this cluster include Nacharam, Safilguda, Kacheguda, Vidyanagar, Sainikpuri, Malkajgiri, Dr. ASRao Nagar and Kusaiguda. The activity taken up in the cluster was presented with full details giving the number of chronic cases identified in the cluster during the period May 2011 to October 2012 in addition to the number of cataract operations identified / operated, glasses distributed, dental cases identified / treated and a number of other cases related to ladies etc etc. The number of patients who had availed this facility during the above said period was also presented. The full details of the activity for the above said period has been prepared in the form of an exhaustive report along with photographs and financial details including receipts and expenditure statement.

 A soft copy of the same was also prepared and a copy each has been handed over to the State Service Coordinator and District President for their information and further action.

 Out of 93 chronic cases identified, 76 cases have been attended to till October 2012 while the remaining 17 cases are being attended to. Hearing aid to a boy suffering from acute hearing problem was also provided in a village during the camp. As many as 140 Doctors and paramedical staff besides 375 sevadal had taken part in the entire activity during the above said period during which 165 cataract operations, 522 people were provided glasses, 70 dental cases treated and 396 tests of various needs were taken up during the entire period.

 The details and other infrastructure material provided in the report was appreciated by all and well received by the audience. In fact, they commented that a similar pattern should be adopted by all the other clusters.

 The details of the second cluster ie. Nandivanaparthi of RR district was presented by cluster coordinator Shri S Yadagiri Rao. In his presentation, Shri Yadagiri Rao explained that the activity was flagged off by our present National Techo Group Coordinator Shri H.Srinivasulu in 2011 and activity is being held on every third Sunday of the month. Details of the cataract operations done, glasses provide etc etc to the beneficiaries was explained. In addition to the camp at Nandivanaparthi cluster the mobile activity in the form of a mega medical camp at Tadur village in August 2012 was also conducted. Based on the experience gained during the mega camp at Tadur, Shri Yadagiri Rao plans to have similar camps in other nearby villages from 2013 onwards. Regular activity including identification of village and survey is being planned to take up the activity for the benefit of the needy, he explained.

 In his presentation on the mobile medical activity in Anajpur cluster of Medak District, Shri Shanmugham described the pattern we had been following earlier in our medical camps like 2 day camp, a pilot team goes to the village the earlier day, makes necessary arrangements for the next day camp, educates the village folk on the need for health and hygiene to be followed etc. in the style what we used to do earlier. The activity in the cluster has taken off from August 2011 and almost 13 camps have been completed till date. Activity in the cluster is planned on every fourth Sunday of the month. The significant aspect of this cluster activity is the participation of a number young and dynamic youth force in the activity. A number of chronic cases besides cataract and other ailments were identified and are being treated. Two veterinary camps, a Saineeda activity and youth camp held in the cluster has helped in mobilizing a good number of youths for PSN services from this cluster. Shri Shanmugham went on to narrate the Medical – cum- Narayana Seva activity being conducted by Begumpet Samithi on every third Sunday in Begumpet wherein large people avail the medical facility and take Swami’s prasadam.

 Besides the presentation of activity in all the three clusters, the technical aspect of maintenance of equipment, up keeping of the same before every camp and attending to any pitfalls or shortfalls before or after the camp was explained at length by Shri Mohan Rao after which three youngsters who are actively involved in the activity Shri Muralikrishna , Srinivas and Sai Prashant explained their experiences to the audience.

 The details of mother and child care activity on every last Sunday of the month initiated at Dudhi Venkatapuram village of Nemla cluster was dealt by Shri J.Mallaiah while for the same activity done at Kowkur- Bollarum on second Saturday of every month (as a part of URBAN HEALTH POST), Mr.Anand – Alwal samithi convener gave details. Shri Bhaskar Rao, State Incharge for Medical Services explained the quality treatment provided by qualified doctors from hospitals like Gandhi Hospital, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Sadhuram Eye and Indo-American (Basava Tarakarama) Hospital to name a few. He also gave a brief account on the number of cases being treated in some of the major hospitals in Hyderabad from our mobile medical activity slot.

In his address to the audience, Dr. Abhijit applauded the activity being taken up by the Hyderabad District on the whole and went on to emphasize that the activity is consistent and quality activity is being rendered to the needy. Likewise, he expressed utmost happiness towards the action taken by our members in dealing with follow up cases which is really remarkable and in his view this selfless attitude in dealing with such chronic cases and their recovery has brought about a sea change in the village folk who now a days have developed a lot of confidence in our activity and eagerly await their turn for treatment. He profusely lauded the details provided by the teams which he felt should form the base guide for all in all the districts to take as an example and follow.  

             Few suggestions were offered by some of the actively involved members which include


  1. a)the active involvement of the concerned district members of our organization in the activity so that at a later date after some stage, the members of Hyderabad District could take up the activity in some other needy village
  2. b)a complete database of the entire activity should be made available before leaving for the camp so as to filter out repeated cases etc.
  3. c)specialized camps can be taken up every alternate or once in three months and not regularly
  4. d)involve local sevadal members from the concerned cluster / district and reduce sevadal from city thereby transportation cost can be brought down
  5. e)call for a doctors meet once again and prepare a list of panel of doctors for the activity and prepare a shift system panel of doctors for each camp so that the load on identification of medical fraternity is eased

 In his concluding remarks, Shri R Laxman Rao expressed utmost satisfaction and went on to describe,


  1. 1)Hyderabad District stands FIRST as a nodal activity District when it comes to Mobile Medical Facility and wished that this activity in the long run turns out to be a MOBILE MEDICAL HOSPITAL which is our dream.
  2. 2)He wanted that the details of the activity and follow up treatment being provide should be kept in our website as well as
  3. 3)If possible half yearly magazine be brought out and kept in the website as well as circulated to all Districts and not confine to a single district alone.
  4. 4)In addition, he also wanted us to see as to how many people are being transformed by our efforts for which he wanted us to see that if possible do take up Swami’s message through bhajans, videos as well as pallaki seva attracting more village folk to be transformed to spiritual upliftment.
  5. 5)Shri R Laxman Rao also wanted us to take the help of Adhaar Card software facility available with the Mandal Revenue Officer of the village which can be kept in the website for need of our members while taking up activity at greater scale. This idea was welcomed by one and all after which the review and audit meet on the mobile medical activity came to a close.


Minutes of the review and audit meet on the Water & Deflouridation Plant, held at Sivam on the 8th December 2012, by Hyderabad District of Andhra Pradesh


The review and audit meet on the existing water plants and de-fluoridation plants was held at Sivam on 8th December 2012 and attended by Shri R Laxman Rao, State Service Co-Ordinator, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Shri MVRSesha Sai, District President of Hyderabad and other members attached to the Project namely Shri Vasudeva Rao, Bhaskar Rao, Dr.Krishna Kumar, B.Narayana Mr.Yadagiri Rao and few more participated in the discussions.

 To start with, Dr.Krishna Kumar briefed the details of the existing 13 water plants set up by Hyderabad district in different locations. He went on to narrate that a good number of village folk utilize this facility in most of the places where in the plants have been set up and some of them do take part in PSN services as on today. All the water plants set up in the villages are categorized as topmost best facility available in normal standards by the concerned District Collectorate.

In his presentation, Dr. Krishna Kumar went on to add that as long as we were involved with the activity and managed the show, the village folk gave unstinted support. Moreover, documentation of the village water committee meeting has not taken place till date and the involvement of the concerned District office bearers of our Organization is also remote. He felt that the concerned District President of the area wherein the plant is located should actively involve himself or see that his members of the concerned village get involved under his guidance. For this to happen, creation of a bhajan mandali is a must which has not happened till date after which slowly the plants can be handed over to the village over a period of time. In case of non availability of bhajan mandali in the concerned village, a bhajan mandali near by should be asked to take initiative and care in safeguarding our property. For the above suggestions offered by members present, the State Service Co-Ordinator expressed his desire and said that he shall take the initiative and talk to the concerned District Presidents namely of Medak, Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar and necessary guidance for maintenance and other logistic support shall be provided by Hyderabad. He also went on to add that this aspect can be placed in the agenda of discussions during the forthcoming meet of the State President with all District Presidents at Hyderabad during the meet in February.

However for the information to all members present, Dr. Krishna Kumar informed one and all that the accounts on day to day expenditure and updating of pass books are being done to the utmost satisfaction of the audit team which has visited the plants very recently. Likewise, periodic maintenance and replacement of parts as and when required is also being taken care and with Swami’s grace, all the plants are working satisfactorily as on today. Outside agencies who have visited the localities have given an excellent report on the performance of the plants. Similarly, State officials and a number of prominent political figures who had visited the villages due to various other programs have applauded the trouble free performance of our plants. Providing the facility of Solar panels to the existing equipments, chemical analysis of water samples done for most of the plants etc were also discussed and facts / figures obtained have been presented to the members.

Likewise, during discussions, the members present expressed the desire that all the projects identified and cleared under Premamruthdhara category also need to be audited. This can be taken up after obtaining the details from Shri KV Ramana Reddy, State Youth Co-Ordinator

Shir R Lakshman Rao, in his summarization speech emphasized the need


  1. 1)to concentrate on the maintenance of the plants till alternative mode is worked out
  2. 2)to discuss the details of maintenance during the forthcoming meet in February of State President with concerned DP’s at Hyderabad
  3. 3)to think whether we can make a society involving village folk and local samithi members to run the show initially and later transfer the same to the village population-- for this we may have to seek the opinion of an auditor – please look for such alternatives and be ready for the meet in February 2013
  4. 4)let us also explore the option of a legal advisor to work out a solution to this problem

      The meeting  concluded after chanting ofShanthi mantram

 Jai Sairam



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